29 September, 2013

BLAHBLAHBLAH RALLY and a tale of how awesome LA can be if you dont live there

OK ok so first things first. Before the rally the Gaskette PDX put on an awesome ride and were able to raise over $500 for local animal rescues! I didnt take many pictures but it was a blast! The ride was great the ladies were fabulous and the smiles were giant.
UB.... I mean the Gaskettes were serving drinks at the bar again!
I also won this really sweet pipe! I am so happy to have it! They had a ton of great prizes but this was the only one I wanted BENNESAR BB

Now that that is all out of the way lets get to LA.

Uphill Battle had 6 of us and two gaskettes on the same plane so we cabpooled. That fucker doss showed up looking like  this. NOTE THE FUCKING PENCIL IN HIS EAR AT 9 AM
Dave is one of my favorite moped people so I was really happy that he went down there with us!
I had a hard time finding my flight because the screens seemed to be messed up. They looked pretty old.
Drew was kind enough to pick us up from the airpor. I like this picture because folsom had to lay on everyone since we didnt have a lot of room in the car.
 ub was staying with Danny, Jose and Johnnie. They of course had som LOKO on hand and about 50 "bikes" in the yard
 So many "runners"
This vegan homosexual Besnik from new york was there. It was good to see him again. I think the west coast changed him ;)
Matt and I decided to ride dubs so we picked out this tomos and had to put a new ignition on it. We had to try about 5 flywheels because they were all fucked up but then we got it running fairly well. Then we broke down about a mile later when we soft seized that piece of shit!

After finding my sleeping spot and working through several tecates Matt an I were off.
 Jah and Folsom on their bikes (both of theirs ran without them having to be repaired that day)

You may be shocked to hear that Matt and I didnt make it to choke. we pretty much broke down instantly.

After we broke down and rode in the truck we ended up at Max and Zoey's plce to play some pinball.  This machine is in really great shape and plays really well.

During our pre party partying they totes made me a Gaskette it was pretty awesome!
Now I remember doing this keg stand but the rest of the pictures on my phone that night not so much for some reason.....

 Oh and a moped got put in a tree at some point.
 Hella Refreshing

 Would you believe me if I told you that I broke down again? I soft seized this thing pretty nicely. I hopped in the chase truck again and went to the park for the lunch. It was nice because the puch sucked to ride any way. After that it was time to relax a bit then head to the PARTY.
 "asain" Chris is one of my favorites.
Then there is this asshole. HE MADE THIS RALLY AMAZING.
The Saturday party was super awesome and UB rocked it pretty hard. BTW this is why we love Dave.
 Besnik and I were working the bar that night as part of our Gaskettes duties.
 What are you drinking?  What are you drinking?
We dont have whiskey I hope you like gin. We work for tips!
 In between mixing people drinks containing 85% gin and 15% soda of whatever kind we took time out to take a few selfies.

 Shirts came off and the tips were rolling in!

 You almost made it to the door Rook. You flew too close to the sun bb.

 After the party was over we went up on the roof of the party house from friday. More drinking was done and I was told I got into a drinking competition.

The first thing I woke up to was Besnik watching the porn move "Pirates"
 On sunday I got a bike I couldnt Break! I was super excited. It was an a55 with a kit and a BiTurbo!

 They gave me an award at the raffle at choke because I broke 3.5 bikes.

 "This is the most california drink ever"

The ride went out to venice beach where we hung out and enjoyed the california vibes!

 Besnik "had to wash the california stink off him"

 It was super fantastic to hang out with Rob again he is one of my favorite people.  Sunday night was a nice relaxing night. we drank beers and the bar had a great dj.

 Later that night Moenz showed me what he did to his clutch...
All in all it was a fantastic time. I ended up staying in LA until monday afternoon and pretty much hung out with max and played GTA 5 it was just what I needed! Thank you so much BULLIES you guys were fantastic and I really had a great time. I will be back next year for sure, you give me a reason to visit la.