30 August, 2010

Something is missing

Hmmmm why is my express going so slow? Oh its because the pipe is holding the back wheel on.

28 August, 2010

swamp case

I should have gotten more pics but this thing was pretty gross on the outside

27 August, 2010

26 August, 2010

Swinger or a box full of parts...

I got this swinger the other day. I have a couple options for it. Put the tri rad back end on it and rock it stock. or put the metra 50 built engine that i have on it.  not sure what to do yet. it came with a lot of parts and a 50cc tccd kit.

21 August, 2010

Bye poojoe for now.

I sold the poojoe for now at least. It was an sp and I dont want an sp. we moved it in typical Uphil battle style One bungie and two mopeds. I put the wheels on the puch Hoffman loaded the garelli up and we mobbed it to Robs house(Thug Villa). Rob then traded it to Amdrew for a MOBY.  With the loudest bearings in the world. Its also has the worst brakes ever. It is also a fixed gear. Pretty awesome. 

I also Saw this with rob. Getting LOKO

How many times can I seize an express?

So I have seized the xxpress three times so far with only one ring. The piston and cylinder were a little rough but i didnt feel like replacing the whole piston last time I had it apart so I just put the top ring on and called it good. The reeds in this thing are all fucked up. the stick closed and the bike gets crazy vapor lock and over heats a lot. I have a set of boysien reeds but the reed block is stripped on this stupid little bike. I will fix it soon enough. this bike takes a lot of abuse. I have put 3,000 miles on it this summer and it still runs good when the rings arent broken. It revs out to like 10k its insane. its one of the best bikes I have ever had. Its also one of tje stupidest.

19 August, 2010

Actual information?

So I took the C-word apart the day after the races and forgot to take a single picture. What was happening is I had an exhaust leak and a base gasket leak so I had a bunch of exhaust in th bottom end. it was funny looking. The oil passage I filed worked great it had plenty of oil in it and the bearing is great. I also got a new kit for the ciao I am not sure if its better or not. Its bigger for sure but my kit  has some great ports. heres some pictures.

Old kit
boosters on the old one

new exhaust port.
Modified piston skirts for the simonini case half.

guess what one is new.

I also own this now. Bye bye Derbi Hello Frenchy.
CDI 19 mm (21 real soon. it came with this)
Who needs a spring? not this bike.
Er3 clutch pulley. its also got a Gianelli pipe.
It came with this kit on it. Polini 50cc.
It also came with this. Malossi GR2. yup pretty much the best. I need a ring for it and an exhaust flange made up. Then pure destroying of hobbits.
I also scored this for Tatiana. Maxi with 70cc treats kit, Treats cdi, geared to go 35. This thing even has a brake light.

17 August, 2010


I got third last moped race thats just crazy. I also got a new kit for the C-word so it should be faster. I also got a new carb for it, I just need a new intake. I also went all French and got a new race bike. more on that later. hell more on everything later. 
Here is some stuff i have been meaning to post up but have not yet.
serious buisness here.