19 December, 2012

Britton bees and k10s

I got the k10s to fit. I ordered up some new axles and tubes so I can get the wheels on this and have jimbrah weld up the motor mounts that mopagen sent me. He hooked up a set for the cost of shipping because they need a lot of work. After that I've gotta figure out where the pegs are gonna go and get a tank figured out as well.

In order to get the k10s to fit in the britton frame I had to go get the top beating race from a bicycle because the bearing cup set treats sells doesn't quite fit. Luckily meticon bikes here in Portland hookedd me up with the part for free. I think I'm gonna go with clip ons for bars instead if modifying the forks clamps to take 7/8" bars.

The engine should be super legit and a lot of fun on this bike. Hopefully I get this done for the uphill battle rally in February!

Ill try and keep updating this blog a lot but I've been having other people help with the work a lot since I still can't use my arm at all yet. I won't be like that ASSHOLE SEB and never update my blog.

12 December, 2012

post op.....

So i had to get some surgery on my shoulder a bit more than a week ago. I had whats called a
 SLAP tear. which required a biceps tenodesis

Its gonna be a long recovery some where around 6 months. I wont be able to ride for six weeks. so wrenching is out of the question for a bit. Ill keep this updated with the other goings on though.

13 November, 2012

Nothing happened this weekend

Obligatory few pictures from the weekend.

05 November, 2012

The weekend or more from the last few days.

Its never too cold to rip into a bag...

This picture really reminds me of this album cover. If you haven't heard it listen to it now and enjoy.
Nik likes to drink at the acres even though he is a fucking puddle cutter.
 Cisco consumption leads to confusion.

Remember young coconut milk can make your life 100 times better the next morning. It is a fantastic way to prevent hang overs. It also taste delicious.

This is slightly before the best quote of the weekend was uttered. "Eric get your fucking face out of the god damn fire!"

He looked like a bit of a burn victim.

My room mates are drunks and I wouldnt have it any other way.

 This just came out and it is fantastic.
I forgot to mention this. I got this from Matt from the bang gang, I am pretty stoked on it. I was going to turn it into a butt flap because I haven't had one since high school. There was only 15 made and I scored #13!!!! sick.....

Ill have some more goodies to post soon. I got the wiring figured out on my mb5 and I forgot how much fun that bike is to ride. It does however make me ride like an asshole but that's ok with me.

04 November, 2012

Friday nights or we get a marginal amount if work done

Nate made an amazing fender out of a paper plate the other night it looks way professional i know DO NOT BE FOOLED

we had our monthly gang bbq so that mean Jimbrah came up and did some welding for me. My garelli tank supports broke so he welded em up since i am a terrible welder.

speaking of gang meetings this is how well eric was able to stand by the end of the night.

We then decided to burn an acoustic guitar i found on the street. it was terrible anyway. I ended up having to work this weekend since I had extra days off for Trick or Treat 2 so I might not get much else done this week. I did mange to score the Mear kit from treats for one one my v1 builds thats coming up.
Right now I have quite a few bikes ahead of me this winter;
 I  have my kickstart v1 with a dr 50cc aluminum kit that is going on my gadabout frame. That engine should be together by next month with a 16mm sha  and tomos homoet pipe. 
My pedal start v1 is going to get rebuilt with the mear kit and a bennesar pipe from my tomos back in the day. all that is going to be welded up to my Lady bee briton frame with tomos hydraulic forks and mags that i have. I just need to make an intake and use the 24mm mikuni ive all ready go sitting around. 
My Si is a long way off and needs a lot of machine work to be what its going to be. It is going to be worth the amount i need to do to it. that bike is way off.
My golden bullet Joemos just needs the hi comp head i have for it put on, a little jetting and lights if I want it to ride on the street. I want to try and get that done next weekend because that bike is a lot of fun to ride.
So pretty much I have four builds I need to get done this winter plus the other few bikes I have that run currently. With a little bit of luck I can get up to 8 running bikes at the same time. Time will tell. Stay tuned for more soon.

30 October, 2012

Trick or treat 2

So it was a hell of a rally this year.before the rally I made sure to order a case of vanilla scented Dragon brand two stroke!!!!!
I worked a 12 hour shift before boarding the plane so i got good and morning drunk before boarding it.

I didnt know that planes had wifi! I was so stoked to troll from the air but I promptly passed out from drunkenness. I only had time to drink two free beers aboard the plane.
 when I got to san francisco I got to see my loaner... A kitted piston port DERBI!!!!!!
The bike was pretty blasty. It had a 16 sha carb and one variorator weight removed as well as a ninja pipe. I did manage to soft seize it once but what ever thats the best way to break in a bike right????? after it got seize we upjetted it a few sizes and continued to blast.

Rob from battle lives in town and still has my old hobbit which is a blaster! it was nice to see it again. He did manage to ruin the back 5 star completely during the friday night ride.

 I got in on thursday morning and met up with Rob Thomas that afternoon for beers and ARUGULA PIZZA!!!
 We went to his place to wrench on bikes and I was way too drunk to do so so nothing really got solved.
He then told me he had motobrokanes old helmet so i put it on immediately.

 This is the only picture I got of the Friday night ride.

I spotted this at thee parkside where the ride ended and met up at. super legit. I got lost from the ride about 6 miles from the bar ran out of gas and had to rely on apples new maps to get me there. ALL WHILE IN JUGGALO PAINT MAKEUP. I decided to leave my helmet on for the 2 miles that I had to peddle to the bar. I was then super excited when the WOOLY BULLIES showed up!

I decided I was done looking like a juggalo for the ride home that night though.

saturday was uneventful I didnt go on the ride. Instead I hung out with the Bullies and drank cactus cooler.

oh and had this for breakfast. Chris from the bullies is a cook so he new of this great resturant we went to called Brandy Ho's it was real good.

that might be how I ended up sleeping like this.....

Sunday was a lot of fun We met up at dolores park and hung out before the giants won the world series.

and then this happened......

I ran through the fire and lost my shoe pretty much instantly. We jumped on top of cars ran around and screamed GO GIANTS.

 No shoes in sf and not a single person cared....

Luckily Rob Thomas hooked a pair up so I could Fly out.

On Monday (after obtaining shoes) I went to china town and the mission as well as the castro to do touristy stuff. It was a pretty rad weekend. I ate like 5 Falafels had a blast and drank way too much.

 I forgot to mention the daddy bear bar that Rob Thomas took us to. There was a discount if you take off your shirt. So I Did so immediately.

 This was the door handle in the fucking bathroom of a leather bar we wen to.

all in all it was amazing. I came home to a package from treats and a package from a freind with amazing stuff in it like this!!!