12 February, 2011

Someone stole the C-word

Some asshole stole the C-word last night. I let fellow battler steely dan borrow it and he rode it up to 82nd and holgate here in Portland. He was in the store for less than five minutes and it was gone. I'm super bummer since that was my race bike and all. Hopefully I can piece something together by the start of the season.

09 February, 2011

Mopeds and other things in life or why I have the shop.

Josh Drinks around the shop.
Hoffman and I both helped Doss get a treats cdi on his e50 the other day. Super bright lights for sure.

Trapp got to ride his ped on a ride last night. He might have only been going 27 but he was super stoked. Its really awesome to see someone ride mopeds for the first real time.
Hes been doing a decent amount of work on this bike. Folsom installed some new points and condenser on it. Rob figured out some grinding issues under the flywheel, replaced the transmission for a euro one. He also put a pipe on it. POLINI COUNTRY BABY.  A labor of love for sure.
Josh and I have been jamming a lot more  at the shop recently. Shit got a little silly when i cut my hand open. Outburst Imperial IPA is our new muse and reason for this all.
Josh got a little heavy handed with his drum set the other day. womp womp. we have a show coming up soon so we have been writing some more material.
Yuip im vegan and make delicious pizza utilizing   Dayla  vegan cheese. Yeah yeah i know its not really cheese and silly as all hell but ive heard good things about it and decided to give it a try. It was a good Idea. I normally dont use too many fake products like that but a non vegan was eating it so I decided to go fancy with that shit.

03 February, 2011

Rust, Bye bye express, and other such business.

I knew someone who wanted to do something real interesting with an express motor so I sold mine to him. I am going to put the extra urban motor that I have on it some time soon.

Folsom and I took the clutch apart on my SI so I could run it on my Ciao. It was a pain in the ass to get off. I figured out why though.

Shit fell over domino style the other day during some rearranging.

$2.50 a 6 pack.

The Station got a serious upgrade the other day. A Welder. Her folsom is getting the hang of it before trying it on his bike.

Thats Rob (not the UB one) He is working his first bike. This CIao.

Ive got some good stuff planned and will post some more stuff up soon.
Some other things Ive been working on are: I put a phva carb on a stock Hobbit and it seems to be blasting. I just need to get it jetted. I am working on this ported stock ciao that is giving me endless shit. I just dont have the jet range I need for that kind of bike.
The C-Word has something wrong with the forks. It felt sketchy the other day so   I took the headset apart and redid the bearings. It was missing one on the top and there was a fine metallic powder in there. I am not sure how that happened but I put it all back together and it felt better for a day. Now its worse. I need to pull it all apart and re do the bearing in the front wheel and headset again and see if anything is bent. My frame is slightly bent these days its not bad but it isnt helping to have sketchy bent forks.  Since I have the welder here now I am going to make an intake for the simo case half so I can run my 24 Mikuni that I have laying around on it. Should be pretty nice. I put the euro clutch on Finally. I like it a lot more. I didnt notice less top speed at all. the stock Si motor with a simo circuit pipe and polini variator is hitting 37 on the flats according to my trail tech.  Ive got a lot more planned it will all come soon.