30 July, 2011


sooooooooooooooooooo I just ordered a replacement euro spec cdi engine from treats now my ciao is actually possibly going to be functional not as adrian said "rid a bull or reliable"
winning at life i promise pictures i need a new camera for realziessssss   he also has the biggest headlight in the world and it beeps some kind of horrible when the batteries are low its the best.

The hobbit is ripping i had to clean the carb out about 100000000000000 times and it was a pain in the ass and thats lame. but its a ripper and i seem to keep getting cute girls to ride on the back of it so im fine with still owning a hobbit for now.........

the tomos is coming back soon i havent been buying a lot of parts but now i am so yeah!!!!!

02 July, 2011

Information or a future of blastification

Ok ok ok I Knooooooow I should have posted more.
Soooooooo in moped news around here. I got a new ciao... It's the deeeeeelux model. It had the not as awesome frame and springer forks. I got it super cheap so it'll do until I find a new square post frame (I might have a line on an awesome one). I got the current one (or As I'm calling it green) for $125 with a polini 64 kit and 16" wheels and a cross bar welded onto it for me. It's single speed right now and I'm looking for a kineti cdi for it currently. I'm going to pull the motor apart this week port it and rebuild it with my 42mm polini crank busting kit. I spent a good amount of time pulling excess metal off. That and pulling about 15 feet of wire out of it. It started first try when I got it but the points went out real quick. I've got a different newer set so I'll throw those in for now. I'm also getting a 24mm mikuni intake made for my simoni pinasco motor. I'm gonna run a 24 on it and go single speed until I get my whole variator set up together.

In other completely different news I got a hobbit...... Yes I Joe have a hobbit. It's got a camino variator a proma, clutch slings and boyseen reeds. All the cool guy hobbit stock tricks. I'm pretty happy with it. I've owned a few hobbits and always gotten rid of them instantly pretty much. This one I'm going to port one of the many hobbit cylinders I have and put it on there and make it an ultra stock super blaster. I will eventualy put a cdi on it but hobbit points are always rock solid.
I am giving away all my expresss pretty much. I gave the green one away and have promised a few others out. I'll keep the original orange one most likely.
I'll post some pics of the two new bikes sooooon I can't do it from my phone lame. I'll go to the compound and take some pics of jahs bikes too and put em up. He's got some pretty rad stuff cooking. Oh did I mention he's the new Uphill Battle captain! Yup yup pretty rad I know.

I got a scooter too it's a areo 50 with a spree motor on it. It's super lame. I've got plans for it too.