28 January, 2012

Snowpedding or how a few hours and mags can make a Tomos magical

I have owned a fairly large amount of tomos mopeds. I have had a tomos tri-rad at one point. I got a free tomos a long time ago and rode it around forever. At one point I got t boned by a car on it so I took the frame from my tomos Tri-rad and bolted all the non ruined stuff from the wrecked frame and made a bike for my then girlfriend. I eventualy traded that tomos (after about 5,000 trouble free miles) for another bike (MMM Derbi anyone?) then after a few years I bought that damn bike back. I rode the shit out of it. crashed it a few times and jumped it off any thing and everything I could. I rode it every where. I put at least another 3,00 miles on it. I then traded it to crusty Eric. He only had a shitty honda express that was at one point stolen spray painted poorly and then recovered. its a sad sad honda express. So he got the Tomos a3. Its got all stock parts other than no airbox and a real old BITURBO with a carb cleaner baffle.
so yeah I trade him this biker and he ends up getting a set of sweet gold mags for it and I helped him rewire it and we got it running pretty good so since it was snowing we rallied the shit out of it even though there were no brake cables hooked up.
With spokes for now...

I love the Tomos font on these old a3 frames. Oh and we didnt have a piston stop handy and needed to clean the points. Rope ftw.

this bike was a tri-rad originally so it never had a kickstand, we borrowed one from Johnny fucker and that plpus screwdriver= this


 Here come the mags. We had to do a fair amount of modification to get the TOMOS mags to fit on a TOMOS moped. Really I mean the front wheel took like an hour or more to get set up propperly. The forks even needed a bit of welding on the brake stop to make em real safe. the back was worse. The swing arm on the A3 had a way different brake stop. It had a mushroom shape kid of. well the Tomos a35 mags that eric got needed a brake hub on the swing arm that had no mushroom shape. So eric filed the shit out of his swingarm to make it fit.  The forks on this bike were fairly fucked so Eric rebuilt em and they actually functioned like real forks!

He got the bike to spark after and we got the wiring sorted and noticed some snow outside... hmm what should we do???

 After removing a whole lot of bullshit wires we got the lights to be bright as hell!!

Maybe nine months ago Eric had never ridden a moped and thought they were dumb. This picture just shows how stoked he is about fixing his Tomos. We ran almost a full tank of gas through that bike after he tuned it up, all in the snow mind you. Its a great bike and its good to see it put to good use by some one who is only going to make it better and better.

Other than that I have a 2003 Tomos targa That I just acquired. Its a vintage Uphill Battle bike. Its an A35 with a brand new alukit than I plan on Porting. IM gonna throw on my fantastical magical BENNASAR pipe and a 24 mikuni and see how she does in the races this year. I am  so excited about this bike because I love the Tomos platform and feel like this is really the bike that I can make it shine on. I have my A55 cdi with the unrestricted Ducati box that I am gonna run on it. The Ducati box makes such a huge difference over the stock box. Ive got two Alukits with the bike so Ive got room to explore as far as porting goes.
The Si YOU SOON has a lot coming up. It is got a lot of suprises and good parts going in. If I want to compete in the variated class this year on a SI Im gonna have to make it the fastest Si around.I still need to get some of the parts to make it happen but some are in the mail,  some are in my dreams for now but once its all assembled  shits gonna come together like VOLTRON.

 Oh Yeah My honda MB5 is still pretty much the best bike Ive ever owned. I Love that thing. Ive got some carbon fiber reeds to put in it tomorrow and I might put a pipe on it one day but right now im too in love with the quietness of it.
Oh and this Is Travis and I. Im the shirtless one DUH! he is gonna be the guy behind me this race season... If he isnt too scared to show up. Hi TRAVIS XOXOXOOXOXOOXOXO(OXO I had fun playing pinball with you.

16 January, 2012

Blah Blah Blah, random parts and I even worked on a car!

its been a silly few weeks. here is the evidence.

A very drunk Eric explaining how satan is better than santa on xmas

 These assholes named the Poodle Cooters ride mopeds in this town too I stopped by the ride the other night. Nik brought his mom (for super serious)
Hi Niks Mom!

 Rasta Russ was wasteddddd that night, Here he is drinking out of a flask slightly before hitting on Mrs. Sanow, oh yeah its also after he drunkenly pulled a knife on someone.

 We took Niks mom to the most appropriate of places, Hawthorne strip....

 Ok now on to other shenanigans. On a non moped related note I have a friend with a 74 super beetle that had no spark even though it had a new cdi installed in it. well the timing was completely wrong. The distributor wasnt actually tightened down. It had the coil for a 6 volt points setup. So bam put a fancy new blue coil in it and spark for days... now to just get it to actually run but thats another story.

Folsom has a prettuy sweet garage and I havent had a chance to showcase it with bad drunk blurry pictures yet,. 

 Minarelli blasterness

 While we were hanging out Folsom gave me this beer.... Do NOT drink it.

 Sick ass lightened euro ciao 100 mm clutch

 Never forget!
Ok ok so now that all that is out of the way. I have a bunch of stuff for the Si on the way. My forks have been fucked for a long time so I've got new hydraulic bottoms on the way and I have all new headset bearings etc. The Si i have has a super weird headset size. The forks on it are much beefier than mos moped forks around. i also have a set of Olympia race gears on the way too.  i finaly got another set of +mags too so its gonna be coming together soon. I am pretty excited for the next race season. the Si is going to be a much better platform than the ciao. It might be heavier but its got great forks the subframe is wayyyyyy stronger and its gonna just feel a lot less like im going to break it in half.  I also ordered some new reeds for the Mb5 next for that is a cr80 clutch and trtansmission if I can manage to get it from the guy I got the bike from.

03 January, 2012

The battle in Seattle

So a few of us UBs made our way north to visit the Mosquito Fleet in Seattle. We packed Hoffmans Jetta with five dudes and headed up. I even went and bought a digital camera for the occasion. Once we made it to Seattle things got a little hazy. There was a lot of pinball and beers. One of the guys that came up with us puked an awful lot. We got lots of love from everyone and then we all browned  out and lost the camera did a lot of drinking on the streets. We ended up with one blurry picture and honestly it summed up the trip in my opinion.