21 February, 2012

Zwickelmainia 4 dubs for life and assorted adventures.

First and foremost; Double dubs fo life.
 Ok so every year here in Oregon the Oregon Brewers Guild holds an annual event zwickelmania. Its a day of FREE brewery tours and SAMPLING.  UB has gone to every single Zwickelmania, so this year was no different. The ride always meets up super early because if you're gonna start drinking at 11Am you need to eat a good breakfast. My black tomos wasnt quite ready to go so I was gonna be Riding the Mb5. it was a long late night before hand and an awesome day of. Here is how it went.
As you can see this picture was taken by me from the passenger seat of the chase truck.... My MB5 got a flat two days before had so I went and bought a new tube. I put it on on friday and it was  a giant pain in the ass to get my crappy ass tire pump to fill it up. I figured I shouldnt ride the tomos since it Isnt tuned at all right now. So I popped the cdi off that and we put it on eric tomos so he could actualy have spark. it took all of about 10 mins so i didnt get any pictures but use youre imagination.  So then on Zwickelmania day the mb5s tire felt a little low so jah brought his pump over and I pumped it up and it seemed to be holding pressure. then we get to hungry tiger and  once im off the bike it loses all its air again. Turns out the valve stem was fucked so chase truck it was for me

We mett up and started riding. Widmer's is usualy the best so we started there. this is the biggest of the breweries in town. each of those tanks is 1500 barrels of beer, or 3,000 kegs.

Caleb form the Cutters made it out this year making him the first Cutter to make the event ever!

12 year old Killer Bee mead
Spiced IPA. We also got to keep the glasses.
Merica: Calebs bike in the center.

Burnside Brewing.
Jimbrah and Jah
Going downtown allowed us to hit 5 breweries in just over an hour.
Deschuttes Brewing.
Our Chase truck driver Kyle
I really want that copper tank I could make a lot of homebrew with it.

Caleb let me ride Merica from deschuttes and the crystal ballroom to Rock bottom brewing.

Once again a bad picture of it but this thing is rad. Tomos a35 with a ninja g3 on it upside down a pull start lever and 24 mm oko carb. that thing was super blasty.
Headed to full sail brewing.
the full sail brewery here in portland is so small that only two people work there most days.

Cascade barrel house.
a zwickel is the nozzle on a conical fermenter. this is why its called zwickelmania becasue you get samples straight out of the zwickel and its amazing.

Hop works Urban brewery. them make organic beer that is delicious.

Those lines pump the beer out of giant tanks in a cooler and straight to the taps at the bar upstairs.

 best Zwickelmania ever. I cant wait until next year.

17 February, 2012

Monster trucks beer and other adventures.

So last week there was a monster truck rally and Uphill Battle went. This WICKED SWEET ford was out front. RANCHER edition hahhahahha.

It then came as a sunrise to all of us when Doss drove his van onto the arena floor.

I wish I had a better picture one of the trucks caught on fire which was quite amazing.
It left a nice smoky screen for the rest of the show.

 Ok now to the moped part...

Jimbrah came up from Corvalis and some asshole tagged his headlight.

 Officer Hoffman came over on VD Day and brought his welder. We cut up a shit Biturbo and my Simo Calibrata. It was actually a really easy pipe to make work on the a35.

The headers where pretty much perfect sized once I cut a bit off each and drank a fair amount of beers.
Eric was here trying to fix his bike again. It keeps losing spark. He rewired it we hooked up a new condensor and hi tension coil and set the points, Still nothing.
 Hes bringing over another internal coil today so we can see if that make this thing run again. This bike has been nothing but trouble for him and its mostly been electrical.

Later that night I fired up the Tomos and rode it to The Laws house. I really like the motion pro throttle its buttery smooth and opens that carb so damn quickly.  I forgot to bring my kickstand so we had to keep the bike upright by using some straps. 

 Two six packs and some grinding and welding and we were getting somewhere.

 Steve had a bit of metal around so he cut a square out that was about the same size as the seat post was and got it welded on so that the seat pan could be welded to it.

 Shortly my bike had a seat on it. I am super super happy with how it turned out. the damn thing is so low and its comfortable as hell. I need to jet it and replace some studs. It developed an air leak on the ride home because a cylinder stud was a little stripped. Oooooooh and I forgot the pedals actually work on this one! its pretty amazing but the right pedal arm got nice and bent in Steves vice and it now clears the giant simonini pipe!

10 February, 2012

Dubs for life and how I get a good idea for the Joemos...

I had some TACOS built up at TREATS and eric needed a new condenser so I ordered him one up and me a set of pegs for the mb5. I also decided to finally put the carbon reeds in the mb5 as well. I work most nights until about 3 am so tonight I got off about 4 am and got home and went to work. Luckily my room mate never wakes up when I am early morning wrenching.
I have yet to take the reed block out of the mb5 yet, until tonight of course. I'm not sure why I was surprised   by how big it actually was, I mean on super bowl sunday I rode trips on this bike for about 5 mniles. No joke that bike ran fine for the most part with three full grown men on it. we did get a few weird looks but whatever. So yeah reed block pre carbon reeds seen here

 I decided to split apart my pinasco engine to check for wear after the couple hundred miles I put on the kit so far. I decided to do a bit more porting and clean up everything I can. I really want to build the Si up Properly.

 Treats sent me this awesome sticker in my latest order.

Metal < Carbon fiber  

In order to work on the Mb5 at 5 am I needed to wheel it into the garage. This bike unfortunately weighs 198 pounds so while it was easy to wheel in I soon realized that it was going to be impossible to turn it around. the wheel base is way long on this thing. After everything I ended up having to back it out up the little ram I made for the few stairs that lead into the garage.

I got these sweet new pegs for the bike. The other pegs I had on there where real big and didnt really fit right so they closed real easy. These heart pegs dont fold and fit perfectly. I added play-doh for added visibilty in the picture of course... well I am gonna get another can of pink for the Joemos race bike, I could always paint the pegs too....
I got the bike as a rolling frame and am pretty happy with most of it. I still need to cut the seat down about three inches and I am not super happy about how the bars look but the make it sit so well that I cant hate them too much. This is with the homoet 4.5 tomos pipe. Its kind of small but i do know it performs well. I thought I might try something different though...

Calibrata meet tomos, I think you two are going to be good friends...

Ignore the puppies they are always trying to steal the attention. By the time I got done screwing around after work it was 7:30 am and light out so I took a few pics. I have some controls coming from treats so I can hook everything up and get this thing tuned and ready to kill it in the race season! I cant wait to dust some puchs on this thing.