24 December, 2010

NL Dreams

Only if I lived in the Netherlands. Some people may have seen this before but here is a 48mm fabrizi kit they have over there. crazy crazy crazy. Super rare there though  so wishful thinking for serious.

Look at the exhaust flange thickness. soooo thin. I stole all these pictures from www.vespa-ciao.nl so yeah yeah

18 December, 2010

Si you soon or why did I get another vespa moped.

So a while back I had this red Moby and I wasnt super in to it. I heard Wayne from the Cutters wanted one and I knew he had awesome SI so we talked about trading. Then after like 3 months it happened. Stoked!. It has a Cdi so thats rad. hers some of whats been going on.
Rob Rebuilt this Minarelli motor the other day
Bye Bye pedals. Custom pegs thanks to Mr. Naz of Seattle. My Pedals dont work because of my Simo case half so pegs are a strategic choice for racing.
Cut for the 90mm us pulley I was running.
I had to cut 5 mm off the back of the Simo intake hole in my frame to run my 100mm Euro pulley. Lets hope it doesn't crack in half.
Polini 64 head left Pinasco head left. Note the offset spark plug on the Pinasco.

Some poor pics of the work I am doing on the pinasco.
I ran out of gas at The Precinct a.k.a. Hoffman. He said he had some premix in the garage. So i fill up with the can labeled "motul 40:1" i fill up the .35 gallons that the express will hold and ride out to St. Johns. On my way back in to town the next day it kept getting real real hot and soft siezed like 4 times. I pushed it for awhile let it cool down and gassed up. It ran fine minus a little compression. Turns out hoffa had straight gas in that can. how silly. The thing went through a full tank of straight gas and was fine. I rode like 30 miles or so. You gotta love a honda.
How could you stay mad at this guy? yeah he had his gas can labeled wrong but the express didnt care at all. plus look how old timey he looks.

When I got the SI it had no spark but it sure looked good.

I slapped this Ducati Cdi box and it sparked for days.
So much fun to get to the carb!
The bike has great compression, super bomb spark, and its getting gas but it wouldn't run. I figured the problem out pretty quickly. One of the holes tapped into the small case half is stripped out so it has an air leak right to the crank. Time to drop the engine and put a different case half on. While its apart I might as well open the intake and put my old 58c kit on and cut the crank.  should be blasty.
The headlight has some history.
My work bench is getting a little cluttered.

I love you Big Sky Brewery!

09 December, 2010

case matching.

The ports on the pinasco are pretty small. I opened up my case like crazy for my 58cc kit and so I have quite a bit of metal to remove from the pinasco. Not like thats gonna hurt any thing. I blew up that polini 75 kit with the huge exhaust port. I need a new piston for it. The cylinder still looks good. it will  interesting to see how the two compare.
I wish I had my scanner at the shop. The instructions for the pinasco kit say if you are running a pipe 13 13 carb and airfilter with this kit run a 72 jet. I am shooting more for 110 and work my way down. I ws running a 102 in the 58 and a 106 in the 75 polini. I cant wait to get this thing all done and mounted. I will post pics up later. My case suffered a bit of damage from the polini failure. nothing some sand paper can fix.

05 December, 2010

Oh yeah Pinasco

Umm Yeah I am getting one of these

Oh yeah pinasco 80cc kit aluminium so fast.
646 grams instead of about 1300.

15 November, 2010

From the Battle Station and Ciao love...

So we built a bench here to get some real work done. I got my Malossi crank for the ciao and fixed the express again. heres some pics and more.
Glamor shots first.
Bench in Progress. Rob did a great job on it.
My section. Building the C-Word again.
New big kit.
I had to cut a fair amount of material away from my case halves to get the malossi con rod to clear.This is from before i cleaned it up with a hand file.
New Simonini pipe with a 27mm header and better angle. This pipe sits way  higher than it used to. It got pretty close to scraping on hard right turns last season. I did have to shim it out a bit so it wouldn't rub on the freewheel. This thing is about to go I need to wait until tomorrow to get some cables from P-Town scooters to finisher it up. This is why we need to start stocking cables etc here so  don't get delayed.

Express baffle. it lasted 5 days. Now its got a brake cleaner can. Much better metal. I should have taken a picture but you can imagine. I have used them before and posted it.
Rob didnt like this cylinder.
Hoffa brought his 103 over to show off and broke it on the way. He sad the Tunr pulleys only have two bearings in them but need three.
Folsom put some malossi gears in his ciao. He just keeps making it faster.
There will be much more to come soon. I need to keep this thing updated more but we have been real busy getting everything just right here. It is really awesome.

03 November, 2010

Just the tip....

Battle Station...

I have not  had internet at home for a while but we have it at the new shop so look forward to some good shit coming along.

11 October, 2010

Rally time


07 October, 2010

Bens moped

So I was riding around today and saw a guy on a red kinetic stopped at the curb. I thought something might be wrong and I had tools so I offered help. I noticed his gas tank was cracked so I offered to sell him one of my many kinetic frames for real cheap. he then told me about this crazy rare moped he had and showed me this

Its probably the best. He also had a 4 speed puch campus 50 that was super rad. Did I mention the BRAND NEW NORTON he had in his living room. 35 years old and never ridden! My science phone was busted or I would have gotten more pictures. He took these two and emailed me. He also had this crazy two wheel drive motorcycle with a variator and a 3 speed shifter behind that. I forgot what kind it was but when I drop the frame off to him I wil have to try and snap a few shots of the awesome bikes this guy has. He had like 10 in his garage and a bunch in the house.

04 October, 2010


Pipe and carb to come. I have them I just need to make them work before showing off. Yes its on my couch bu its so nice and clean it doesnt matter.

Lots of randoms stuffsssz

Here is what has been going on recently.

Yeah I lent out my express and got it back like this...
 This is Folsom his ciao is rad. It was at one point a ciao frame covered in dirt in my garage.  He made it rip. its got a 64cc Polini case matched and intake opened awesome. An olympia crank. Polini variator crazy custom lightened performance clutch. and a circuit pipe. This thing came a long way from the $25 dollar piece of crap i sold him.

 I was riding to work the other day and saw this and got real excited. then i saw it was four stroke lame.

 This bike isnt going to be at the next races it is sad. My crank wont be here in time. so I decided to do this instead.

the engine is all ready built and ready to go i just need to get some hose and cables and get a brake stop welded on so I can use the tomos mag. I think it looks Awesome and its really small and light.

02 October, 2010

Back up plan

Ive got enough parts to make a sexy three way mash up piece of wonderful style and epic win. It's a secret so you will all have to wait and imagine. Good thing I have too many moped parts I guess.

30 September, 2010

So I ordered this...

It cost me a lot and is hard to find these days.
when I asked angelo about it he said this.

Hi Joe,
Just for avoiding expensive mistakes, do you mean the malossi code 53 182?
From what I know, these cranks are extremely rare and who has them, asks a quite high price.
Let me know, and I'l begin my hunting.