18 April, 2013

How to ruin an amazing bike.

Give it to a puddle cutter and let them take off every good part and fuck up the whole immaculate wiring setup. Why because that cutter doesn't know shit about how mopeds work "the pipe was spitting gas and air so I put a biturbo on it" way to fuck up one of the nicest builds in town. MA OFFICIAL

08 April, 2013

Honda Aerolas and far too much plastic to deal with while sober ( relatively)

Hoffa bought this as a "gift" for me. It has six "X" quality and right on the can it states "premium malt beverage" I of course decided to try out this fine brew featuring "imported hops for the smoothest flavor"  After the first sip I had to call my lawyer because this is some false advertising. It was not "smooth' or "premium' but I digress. This was a needed beverage so that I could get the courage up to fuck with all the plastic on my Aero 50.
 The forks on this bike were really fucked up when I got it. I have had it for about a month and didnt really want to get into them to fix it all. The bike broke down the other day because the intake had a bolt fall off so I decided to just spend the whole day getting it back into shape. When I took the dash off I was greeted by some nice welds holding the forks on the bike. SWEET MOD BRO.  Good thing I had extra parts...

 Jimbrah got grindy with it real quick style and we had the old forks off after a few loud "fucking piece of shit" screams were uttered.

 While I was working on it I decided to put the Polini kit that I had sitting around on it. It was real easy to get the kit it self on. dealing with taking everything apart in the right order was a giant pain in the ass at first. Soon I figured out how to make it all go back together right though so that was nice. I got it all buttoned back up and together. It needs a little jetting work I have a 100 in it right now and need to go down a few sizes. I was able to hit 45 but it likes to four-stroke a lot right now.

 The kit has some pretty nice ports and you cant tell so from my shitty pic of it covered in goop. Just use your imagination.

This shit is sitting at dosssssss house on a shelf just sitting there. COMPLETE YET HE DOESNT HAVE IT RUNNING????
I hate you doss.

05 April, 2013

Ive been getting sillier and sillier bikes or a few pictures and words about what I have been up to.

So my shoulder is finally starting to get some what better which means I have been riding and wrenching more.
I got a real silly Honda Aero 50 the other day its pretty fun. The forks on it are completely fucked though so there is that. Luckily I did get a set from a guy in town for free so I just have to put them on whic involves removing more plastic than I ever want to deal with. It came with a Polini kit that is not installed and and after market vario. I put the vario on and it goes an easy 40mph with me on it all day. It handles dubs just fine too. I dont have a picture of it right now but its a little beat up and a little ugly so thats fine by me.

Here is how baby ciao sits right now. I got the 90cc SIMONINI engine on it now. That should be fun/ terrifying on 14" wheels. I have the bennesar pipe on it now but I also have a Simonini giant pipe on the way for it. I got a set of forks for the Si so that can finally get back on the road after amny many years of sitting in the garage. I decided to put the kickstart engine I have on the Si just because it will be fun.

I need to get a polini vario and I should be ready to ride this beast. I have an 8 roller euro stock one in the garage but it would be stupid to use it on this set up. My clutch is also super nice euro style with 3k clutch springs that I got from Ryan Nash!

 The Puddle Cutters had some dumb ride so we decided t show up in class and followed the whole thing in a limo while getting wasted. I couldnt think of a better way to go on moped rides. LIMO GANG 4 LYFE! It was a lot of fun riding around in style. We did however get a little drunk so I only suggest this kind of mopeding for pros. Seriously though it was rainy we were dry and I had a platinum in my hands all day!

 Summer is over we are all fucked.
 I went to matts house when I found out about the Joose 12 packs but was unable to find one so I stopped by with some Becks Sapphire and some Bud Lite Platinum.
 Very shortly I had a glass of Platinum and Sapphire mixology, I was worried that the glass I was pouring into might explode but it handled it ok, I wouldnt risk it in a weaker glass though. 

I promise to post more silly "moped" related stuff soon guys its gonna be a fun spring and summer!

02 April, 2013

Locked Up in the Lou. or how I have way too much fun hanging out in the midwest

Ok so I haven't posted much here, That will change with the rally season. I plan on making at least one a month and a lot of them are off the west coast. I decided to fly out to the Ruffians rally because Ryan Nash convinced me ( he said "you should go") thats all it really took. I bought my ticket and got on the plane. I had never been to the midwest before hand and didnt know too many people IRL there. I knew a few goodies would be present and thats all I needed.

 I decided to bring some swag to give out to the mid west kids so we made 69 ub dick coozies.

 As always I had a beer before my flight out from portland, My flight left at 6:05 am so it was a good time to be drinking.
 My flight took me to a layover in denver so I sampled one of their local beers. When the mountains are blue its super cold and you can drink it.

 Mad Matt from the ruffians was nice enough to let me ride this bad ass Derbi DS50 well until the forks fell apart but that was probably just because i was riding it.

 The rally packs we off the chart! I mean really A MOPEDS BABES BUTTS CALENDAR!
 They got an old police station rented out to house us all. I was told not to go into the basement "because wolves live there" I dodnt believe it until I saw the wolves they were bad ass! From a distance of course.

 I was loving the weather on friday it was so nice to go explore the city for a bit by myself before getting too wasted and partying.
I also managed to find a food cart with a vegan gyro that was awesome.

 Of course I was drinking theses all weekend since they are technically a local brew ;)
 Straight pretzel???? What the fuck is that shit?

 Then there was this dude, DUSTY FUCKING RIM! I had so much fun getting a chance to meet him and party all weekend I cant wait to see all the footage he got on his gopro

 They took us to the city museum where i pretty much had an anxiety attack from being stoned and in this cave tunnel thing with people all around me it was fun until that though.

 Brad Pitt looking like a fucking boss. It was rad to hang out with the Michigan boys they kidnapped me on Friday night after the museum and we rode around and got super wasted.
 They even like shuffle board too i was stoked.

 Dusty loved the coozy i gave him!
 We met this random girl who partied with us and she showed us this trick.
 Rich and Jessie from the yetis were nice enough to let me ride this tomos after the derbi forks went out.


 Moped bathroom party

 Of course this is on my phone I dont remember taking it but oh well.
 Mc for the moped stars!

 MCR UB sunday exploration ride was a blast.
 you can see the wolves in the courtyard if you look closely

 Sean magic johnson let me ride this tomos around all sunday night and it was awesome I had so much fun cruising on it
I also ate this great meal there. Vegan fritters with an ARUGULA SALAD!

 I got stuck in chicago for hours and tried to meet up with seb but he is the worst person ever. FUCK YOU SEB
Thank you guys so much for getting me wasted stoned and partying like animals with me. I couldnt believe how fun riding mopeds in st louis was. No plates no laws and stop signs are irrelevant. It was too good and you guys rock so hard in my book. Oh and thanks for not getting mad at me for peeing in orange robins jail cell, he probably deserved it anyway.