28 May, 2013

The yetis are rad or how I get an awesome sketch

This is good. It's going on the shop wall. Ill let you know when the wedding is

also you guys should all buy one of theses shirts. Maize is nice enough to make them after I pestered him enough. 

15 May, 2013

Nashville was fun or a story of how I Drunkenly mock Chad Burke (out of love of course)

NASHVILLE what else can I say, you were so much fun!

The portland airport is truly fantastic we have a laurelwood brewery there where you can get a 20 oz beer for $5.50 which is amazing for an airport beer, I of course had several before getting on my 6 am plane!.

I landed in nashville on thursday afternoon and was lucky enough to have Tripp and Kim from the Dead Peds come pick me up. I of course got myself a Strawberrita and started drinking with this handsome gentleman and his lady friend from Detroit!

I had a delicious tofu burrito and enjoyed a ton of beet after a short but nice ride around Nashville. 
 Tripp found a few "vintage" pbrs in his back yard, unfortunately I did not get to drink one :(

By the time we made it to the new shop they have I was good and wasted, I was after all more than one strawberrita deep by this point. 
The shop was pretty sweet they had a nice section of a warehouse to themselves and there were other artist etc in the rest 
I pretty much continued to get wasted and watch them print the rally shirts which was awesome because I got to hang out with this amazing dog!


 "Hi I'm
Mike rafter"
 Seb is seriously the worst person I have ever met! Just look at him, he looks like a prick right?
 This bike was seriously the best LOLner ever. It went a solid 36mph and had at least 1,000 smiles per hour.
Adam even brought me a kitted hobbit to ride and I still decided to ride this all weekend! So janky and so fun! That second tank is completely needed because the first tank is what I would call "ribbed" for nobodys pleasure. IT was awesome to see the look on peoples face as I rode this turd around.
I also obviously had to put a sticker on it but since it had no headlight I had to make due with this fully functional front facing mirror!
 "My name is Adam I have an RD 60" I am pretty sure its broken because he wouldn't let me ride it.
 BROKEN (maybe that was just my heart that was broken since I don't own one)

 MCR bringing too many bikes for three people, well except that yellow hobbit

Thanks for taking all my money in that dice game Chicago :(

 Blurry pictures are an accurate depiction of how I was feeling Friday night, also Tommy Turbo is p fun to party with.
Mike beardy was fixing his derbi when he just freaked out all of a sudden /SERIOUSTHINGS
 Sorry ladies for stinking you up by putting my arms around you ;)
I am not sorry for stinking up JOSAN because he smells anyway
j/k I like Josan hes pretty rad in my book :)
 Some people were doing better than others....
Sleep well sweet prince. Katelyn from chicago and I dragged him to his tent and he then puked on her and we dropped him on his face once on accident otherwise he got there fine.
 I cant remember whos bike this was but I NEED THE PINK ON IT NOW. I was told it has matching pink floor boards too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 No kickstand club!

 This place charged me $15 for a six pack of 12oz bottles of pbr :(

This is one of the only Magnums I have ever liked, JUST LOOK AT THAT GOLDEN BITURBO!!!!!!!!

 This bridge was super awesome, we stopped and waited for everyone to catch up and for a few people to deal with a small wreck. While we were here there was people dropping dollars off the bridge and people riding mopeds down to find them it was pretty rad.


 Chicago on Chicago love.
I started saturday night right with more Strawberrita
The only bad part is that they are only 6% abv in Nashville!!! I THOUGHT AMERICA WAS FREE!

So many fireworks
 Yetis be drunk
 Exhibit b

 I was super stoked to meet The Buzzards those dudes are super rad and I really want to make it to their rally at the end of the month.

Charlie was feeling a little rough Sunday morning.

 So this was amazing they rode down on motorcycles with mopeds on a trailer then left them in Nashville to go ride the curviest rode in america!
The view from the camp ground was rad this doesnt do it justice at all.

I really had a super fantastic time, once again Nashville has no laws regarding mopeds and you can pretty much do what ever you want. IT WAS FANTASTIC. Meeting the Dead Peds as well as the Swoops and Buzzards was super rad.Oh and MONO you guys and the Swamp Mamas Rock hard too. I HOPE I AM NOT FORGETTING ANY ONE. IF I DID I WAS DRUNK SORRY BB. I loved every second of the rally, the camping was legit the people were awesome and karaoke was a blast. I liked it all, people were so nice to me, everyone kicked some serious ass. Riding on the trace was so epic, I got a lot of go pro footage from the ride and plan on making a video with it soon but we will see how soon really. There is really nothing like blasting a bike at 36 mph for 20 miles straight to make you smile like crazy! I got hugs and love the whole weekend from everyone even when I drunkenly mocked Chad Burke on the microphone (out of love). I was told I said " Hi my name is Chad Burke, I'm from Kalamazoo and I have a thousand mopeds. Who wants to buy one of my 17 magnum ltds, only $1,000" THANKS FOR BEING A GOOD SPORT ABOUT IT BUDDY. Oh yeah I gotta give props To Izzy from Chicago for playing the sickest of sickest dance beats when she was djing, thanks for dealing with me asking you to play 2 chains all night. It was rad to party with you!
P.s. what are you doing to your shoe here Izzy it had me confused when I discovered this picture in my phone. it kind of looks like you are filling it with paper towels?????

The sunday of the rally we went back to Nashville to this coffee bar place that Had free good beer and free food, I got to hang out with Nick who has a Honda NSR50 that made me super jelly. I also really liked how every bar in town always had live music going on it was really fantastic.

on Sunday night I called it early and was asleep by maybe 9pm. I needed rest after barely sleeping for the previous 4 days. It felt real nice to take a shower and check my balls for ticks.
 On Monday I explored Nashville by myself on Tripps awesome kitted Maxi. That bike was so much fun and would go 50 all day. I really had a blast randomly riding around. I found this cool park by the capitol that had dedications for a bunch of famous Nashville musicians and it was nice to be out in the sun in the south wandering around.

 There were these pillars there too that had bells in them and they played music I was super excited when it happened except for the segway nerds riding around in the video

So that was my trip to Nashville I had a blast and will certianlly be back next year. the following few pictures are a few I stole but really like.

I didnt realize that the monitors on delta planes were linux its pretty legit.
It was also nice to come back to Portland and ride with my favorite gang ever UPHILL BATTLE, even if mike broke down and had to get pushed.
thatnks for reading and expect some actual build post soon ive got a seal on the way for my ciao and thats all I need!!!!!!