29 March, 2012


Harbor freight and estoril stuff

Zip tied toilet at harbor freight how appropriate
Pictures look at em and enjoy. More

07 March, 2012

A shitty tomos becomes less shitty or rust galore...

I got a shitty tomos a3 the other day $100 running. the bike was in super rough shape but only really needs love to become rad. heres the fisrt bit on this bike.

I fucked up my shoulder at work so Eric did a lot of the work so far.
 The carb was fucked of course.
Thers a lot of extra bullshit wires.
"there are no bad beers, some are just better than others"

It cam with this wicked sweet pipe. We had to remove it so the bike wouldnt be super crazy fast of course.

When life hands you problems New Jersey hands you solutions...
As you see the paint is in great shape...
This is why progress stopped that night.
The damn thing started on the third kick!

This Tomos has a set of blue forks that I sold to the previous owner. Im never amazed when I see my parts or bikes resurface in this town.

Once it was running we did the logical thing and started taking it completely apart.
WE promplty busted out the Jasco Paint remover. Such a magical chemical technology.

The bike is actually much farther than these pictures but we got drunk and neglected to take any pictures after this. So now you get to stay tuned for next weeks adventures or How to make a stock tomos A3 a super sweet rad looking bike!