25 March, 2011

things for your face... or pictures i should have posted

I sold Trapp this bike. He loves it. 8 roller variator polini country pipe 12/12 carb.

He has done a decent amount of work to it too. new points countless troubleshooting etc.

His daughter even helped him fix his fender.

Here Doss is with a custom rake.

The shop has a half pipe

Chariot wars... I may have broken a rib that night.


Thats free beer right there.

Folsom Blasting downtown.

More Zwickle

matt might have bought this car!


My guitar looks better now

this cat came and visited me at the shop I just happened to have food for it.

Tascam 644

Dont do it

Big Doss garage



10 March, 2011

Ok ok I know I know it's been a while

It's been a slow moped month for me. I didn't do much since the C-word got stolen. I've been gettin back into it though. It looks like I will be racing a maxi. I am gonna put tomos forks and wheels on it. It's got points for now. I'll post some pics up soon Ive got a bunch from the last month. I even got 2 expresssssss bringing my total amount to 3. I sold my last ciao frame. It was a round post. I for the first time in 5 years I have no ciaos. The race motor will go on the Si. I should be able to get all my parts by the end of race season. More soon I promise. Xoxo Joeped