11 October, 2010

Rally time


07 October, 2010

Bens moped

So I was riding around today and saw a guy on a red kinetic stopped at the curb. I thought something might be wrong and I had tools so I offered help. I noticed his gas tank was cracked so I offered to sell him one of my many kinetic frames for real cheap. he then told me about this crazy rare moped he had and showed me this

Its probably the best. He also had a 4 speed puch campus 50 that was super rad. Did I mention the BRAND NEW NORTON he had in his living room. 35 years old and never ridden! My science phone was busted or I would have gotten more pictures. He took these two and emailed me. He also had this crazy two wheel drive motorcycle with a variator and a 3 speed shifter behind that. I forgot what kind it was but when I drop the frame off to him I wil have to try and snap a few shots of the awesome bikes this guy has. He had like 10 in his garage and a bunch in the house.

04 October, 2010


Pipe and carb to come. I have them I just need to make them work before showing off. Yes its on my couch bu its so nice and clean it doesnt matter.

Lots of randoms stuffsssz

Here is what has been going on recently.

Yeah I lent out my express and got it back like this...
 This is Folsom his ciao is rad. It was at one point a ciao frame covered in dirt in my garage.  He made it rip. its got a 64cc Polini case matched and intake opened awesome. An olympia crank. Polini variator crazy custom lightened performance clutch. and a circuit pipe. This thing came a long way from the $25 dollar piece of crap i sold him.

 I was riding to work the other day and saw this and got real excited. then i saw it was four stroke lame.

 This bike isnt going to be at the next races it is sad. My crank wont be here in time. so I decided to do this instead.

the engine is all ready built and ready to go i just need to get some hose and cables and get a brake stop welded on so I can use the tomos mag. I think it looks Awesome and its really small and light.

02 October, 2010

Back up plan

Ive got enough parts to make a sexy three way mash up piece of wonderful style and epic win. It's a secret so you will all have to wait and imagine. Good thing I have too many moped parts I guess.