25 January, 2013

Baby ciao

Lulz it's coming together

04 January, 2013

Winter is dumb or a tale of getting more bikes

So I ended up getting a ciao frame again as well as a kickstart euro motor to go on it. The new C-Word is gonna be 50cc finger port blasting. I miss riding a ciao around the streets so I wont make it a race bike again. I am gonna leave the stupid fast parts for the si.

In other news I got folsom to rebuild the dino-bike because im all crippled. I also welded the seat one handed and by not looking at it so its probably legit. The seat is way better its about times this is a dubs bike. The 11 front sprocket slows it way down since it is 100 percent stock

I have this team garelli tank coming from Italy. I wont say much more but its gonna be rad once that build is done.

Its gonna get busier here soon. My arm is doing a lot better but I still cant ride or wrench. I have at least 6 weeks of physical therapy left so Im hoping that I can be riding in 3 or 4 weeks. That doesnt leave much time to finish the builds for the rally in feb but Im just gonna have to wrench like crazy. Jim is gonna weld the motor mounts on the briton frame this weekend so it will be ready to put together soon. I need to figure out a tank for that but I can probably just have jimbro make one. I cant wait there is gonna be a lot of fun vespa tuning happening soon stay tuned!