30 September, 2010

So I ordered this...

It cost me a lot and is hard to find these days.
when I asked angelo about it he said this.

Hi Joe,
Just for avoiding expensive mistakes, do you mean the malossi code 53 182?
From what I know, these cranks are extremely rare and who has them, asks a quite high price.
Let me know, and I'l begin my hunting.

28 September, 2010

Things from this week.

So Rally time came and went.. I rode mopeds for maybe 5 miles. Heres what I have been up to.
Jubelale one day early and fixing Dirty Dans Bike. He didn't have any smaller Bing jets so he just ported the cylinder instead. I like that style
then he broke down.
Then he ran  out of gas.
his bike also has no lights at this point in tiime.

I spent the same day working on the bottom end on The C-word. I went through both halves and had to put some jb weld on there. Oh well right? I got the bike together just in time to make it to the meet up spot for the Mosquito Fleet bus. So I strapped all my gear on and blasted off. We made it to SF and got dropped off and got directions how to find our housing. the quote was " its in a little alley you cant miss it" well we missed it and got super lost. My science phone was dead and then this happened.
I was blasting up a huge hill with all 50 pounds or so of extra gear. Snap time to go malossi. Since I broke my moped I did this kind of stuff instead.
I wanted this so bad the second I saw it. too expensive though.
I saw this on the way home.
I will take more pictures of the work and damage on my bike soon right now I want more food.

19 September, 2010

Green puch

The green puch gives me nothing but trouble. So I went to rebuild the wheels and clean the brakes the other day and guess what nope the axels are fucked up and I cant get them apart, So the wheels have a fair amount of drag. I also need to run some different tranny fluid. my clutch works great until it gets warm and it starts to suck. I just put shitty atf in it I think I will put the motul trans oil in it and see how it works. The slide on this bike was also plastic and completely fucked. If you pulled the throttle too hard the cable would pop out. Pretty lame. I got a metal one from doss and that fixed that problem. Then there is the tailight. THe bulbs rattle around and get stuck in to this crazy ass sideways crooked way and stop working. So i put a whole new tail light on and it burned out. I had  a cop behind me for like 10 blocks and I turned off the first chance I got and then my tail light burned out.  This bike also electrocutes me if i brake and go through a  puddle. I need to go through the wiring on it and fix it all its a nightmare.  So yeah this all means I have to push this bike too much.

14 September, 2010

Goings on

I went and "helped" Rob fix his Moby the other day.
He tried to get me to clean the outside of his pipe. I gave up at this point.
Stock love. Dirty Dan is going to port a #4 stock cylinder for me since my dremel broke.
Not a single one runs. Doss FIX YOUR SHIT.
Or sell me your SI
As I was taking pics of his million non running bikes he pulls up.

Ready to go 27mph.

09 September, 2010

15 mph up hill.

Recently I have rediscovered one of the reasons I love mopeds. I have ten to riding up big hills on a stock E-50. I just love going over big hills or bridges on slow bikes. I am really happy with how the Nostalgia is running.  I want to port a stock cylinder and probably should but my dremel is broken. I should borrow one because the bottom end is opened for a 70 kit and its a bit poopy off the line.

06 September, 2010

Puchs... or I thought they ran good.

So I blew up the clutch on this bike in the sexiest way possible... Riding doubles. Cheap 3 shoe replaced with a good 2 shoe and paz springs. the screws are turned two and a half turns from flush and I think I should go one more turn. Its grabbing better than the 3 shoe but it could be better.  I also figured out what was wrong with the nostalgia. Fuck parkrose hardware circlips. It threw another one and blammo i need a new piston for the 50 kit. at least they are cheep and I am trading some parts to rob for an Urban express and a piston so even better right? I also finally put the purple tire trim on the back wheel but didnt take a picture so just imagine. I also learned to ALWAYS take the piston stop out of the bike before you try to start it. This is even more important when you have a head that is all ready kind of stripped in the spark plug region.

03 September, 2010

Alans puch

This bike is a nightmare. It destroys every cylinder I put on it. Its got a race crank new bearings new seals and a 50cc kstar on it now. It also has a 15 bing and a proma circuit. For some reason it still only goes 30. I also dont have a lot of bing jets so I didnt get to jet it the best and it may or may not have destroyed the ring. I need to pull the cylinder and figyre it out. This bike was so nice when it came here and I dont have a garage to keep it in any more so its unfortunate. This kid Alan brought it to my house like 2 years ago and we rebuilt it for him and got it to run and it ate like 3 pistons. One the ring stop  pin came out, another one threw a circlip, and the last one was the treats kit version 1 and the ring caught like they all do. So yeah now it has this 50cc kit on it and I need to fix it again. Here are some bad pictures of it. Next time I work on it I will take better pics.
I am also going to  build the ciao motor today. then If i get the pipe welded to the bigger header I will be ready to test the new kit out.