31 July, 2010

More velocity

This time around when I put the ciao back together I used a head gasket to lower the compression. This made the 95 jet I had in there make the bike run really rich. I couldn't even go full throttle without bogging. Hoffman told me had a velocity stack for a phbg so I food stroked it iver to his house. The stack he had just happen to be the biggest I could put on without cutting the sprocket off of the pedal shaft. I started it up and it ran great still a tad rich but the rings are new. I did the math and figured out that I get 37 mpg. I also scored a niterider bike light it's super bright and can charge off a USB port. This means I can tune the ciao on the streets for a bit. Riding it on the road for the first time since putting my new "seat" has been a ton of spleen killing fun. I still need to tune the variator a bit more. I also need to cut a bit more of the frame so I can use that euro clutch on it. The engine sits farther back with that pulley on it and the reed block doesn't clear the frame.

29 July, 2010

Quite different.

I rode the ciao around today. I have to say it is fast but feels so slow compared the be derbi. I put the euro 100mm pulley on and it helped with low end for sure. I have yet to get it going very fast. I was only riding around my neighborhood. I need to get a little barest to run a headlight off. I have this 13 watt metal halide light made for dirt bikes riding trails at night. I think it should work good.

The derbi sheared a woodruff key and the timing slipped again. I need to tune the needle I think. It was running really good until then.

27 July, 2010


I have not been keeping up with  shit on this here blog. My phone broke and that was my main camera for this thing.( surprised? I know the pics are such good quality though!)  I got a new phone with a better camera so expect some updates soon. I just got more free parts for the free fast express. Boyseen reeds! I am super stoked. I cant wait to hook these up. I have an extra Urban reed block sitting around that I have heard is bigger than the express so I may put them in that and rock it on the XXXpress. Thats its new name. I just made it up. I have a kit and an urban express carb I want to put on it as well,. I am not sure if I will though the damn thing runs so good as it is its hard to mess with.

11 July, 2010

10 July, 2010

Damn mopeds making me want to quit my KUSHY job

So I work 7 days in a row this week. 10 hours a day. That leaves a lot of time for me to tune my Ciao which is still in pieces in my living room. My cat is also harassing me. I have a lot to do before the rally. I promise to take pictures of some of it.... Hopefully.
The ciao will be at the Seattle rally... it may or may  not run we shall see...... 

07 July, 2010

Biturbo back on the express.

I even got to keep the baskets. I had Sean from Ptown Scooters weld this up for me today. Now the express is rocking again. I made up this little bracket for it in about 5 mins. I might put some urban reeds in it. I hear they might be better.

06 July, 2010

Nice weather and nopeds.

I have been super busy the last two weeks. I almost have the oiling hole finished on the ciao. I am just waiting on some TREATS to get here so I can get it all back together. The derbi Is running Kind of. Its always Kind of running. The 28 mm roundslide is super hard to tune. None of the motorcycle shops around here have small enough sizes for it. I keep forgetting to order them from treats too. Maybe next time. I have also been riding the Express every where. Its stock for now but ripping and super fun. I need to mod my clutch on the ciao and get it together for BLOOD DRIVE. I work 10 hours a day for the next 7 days. I will have very little time to get this all done. Oh well.