01 November, 2011

ok ok ok ok or how i lag at working on peds for almost a year....

blah blah blah I havent worked on peds much recently. I havent really had any money to dump into em. heres some pictures from the way back machine.
Cutter anniversary ride from 3 years ago

C-Word v1.0 Watercooled and single speed

UB sundays

The shitty Tomos that became The JOEMOS

The very first UB headlight sticker

Broken down. It must be a UB ride


The Worlds shittiest vespa bravo

jets not included in this carb apparently

"joe please dont put a kit on my moped while gone" "yeah ok I wont, Is she gone yet lets kit this thing."

Sunday blasting to the river


<3 dorados

ummmmmmmm yeah???