30 October, 2012

Trick or treat 2

So it was a hell of a rally this year.before the rally I made sure to order a case of vanilla scented Dragon brand two stroke!!!!!
I worked a 12 hour shift before boarding the plane so i got good and morning drunk before boarding it.

I didnt know that planes had wifi! I was so stoked to troll from the air but I promptly passed out from drunkenness. I only had time to drink two free beers aboard the plane.
 when I got to san francisco I got to see my loaner... A kitted piston port DERBI!!!!!!
The bike was pretty blasty. It had a 16 sha carb and one variorator weight removed as well as a ninja pipe. I did manage to soft seize it once but what ever thats the best way to break in a bike right????? after it got seize we upjetted it a few sizes and continued to blast.

Rob from battle lives in town and still has my old hobbit which is a blaster! it was nice to see it again. He did manage to ruin the back 5 star completely during the friday night ride.

 I got in on thursday morning and met up with Rob Thomas that afternoon for beers and ARUGULA PIZZA!!!
 We went to his place to wrench on bikes and I was way too drunk to do so so nothing really got solved.
He then told me he had motobrokanes old helmet so i put it on immediately.

 This is the only picture I got of the Friday night ride.

I spotted this at thee parkside where the ride ended and met up at. super legit. I got lost from the ride about 6 miles from the bar ran out of gas and had to rely on apples new maps to get me there. ALL WHILE IN JUGGALO PAINT MAKEUP. I decided to leave my helmet on for the 2 miles that I had to peddle to the bar. I was then super excited when the WOOLY BULLIES showed up!

I decided I was done looking like a juggalo for the ride home that night though.

saturday was uneventful I didnt go on the ride. Instead I hung out with the Bullies and drank cactus cooler.

oh and had this for breakfast. Chris from the bullies is a cook so he new of this great resturant we went to called Brandy Ho's it was real good.

that might be how I ended up sleeping like this.....

Sunday was a lot of fun We met up at dolores park and hung out before the giants won the world series.

and then this happened......

I ran through the fire and lost my shoe pretty much instantly. We jumped on top of cars ran around and screamed GO GIANTS.

 No shoes in sf and not a single person cared....

Luckily Rob Thomas hooked a pair up so I could Fly out.

On Monday (after obtaining shoes) I went to china town and the mission as well as the castro to do touristy stuff. It was a pretty rad weekend. I ate like 5 Falafels had a blast and drank way too much.

 I forgot to mention the daddy bear bar that Rob Thomas took us to. There was a discount if you take off your shirt. So I Did so immediately.

 This was the door handle in the fucking bathroom of a leather bar we wen to.

all in all it was amazing. I came home to a package from treats and a package from a freind with amazing stuff in it like this!!!

23 October, 2012

15 October, 2012


I got a garelli a while back. Motomatic pipe 20mm vm carb polini kit and wagon wheel mags its pretty sick nbd.

 My roomate (other then crusty eric) kyle became a total grom and scored a 2 speed vip that I told him to buy its pretty fucking rad. The kickstand was fucked so we cut the mount off a stock hobbit pipe and welded that shit on there and fixed it.

 This bike had been worked on by a guy in town he said all he did was replace the intake gasket which was fucking blown so we replaced that pulled the top end and replaced all the gaskets. I had this intake that had been opened up previously and put that on there. I also had a pipe that wasn't ruined and put that in place of the one that came on it.
The stock bars were so damn terrible and ugly so we replaced them with some stock tomos bars and the bike started to look pretty rad. we also pulled apart the transmission to check on the clutches and they looked great and the case half had no gasket as well so we replaced that too and put 12.5 oz of 30 weight non detergent oil in the fucker. it just needs a bit of jetting and it should be ripping.

 we usually have a pretty large amount of bikes here every weekend and this was no exception.

 we got a bit of decorating done as well in the new garage.

 then eric made a rad banner.

oh and eric made this clip for my mb5 headlight. UB CUSTOMS

best fortune ever.
eric got this fortune i think its telling him something...