31 May, 2010

My tomos has a real seat

So today I got a lot of work done on the race Ciao... I took no pictures though. I was in a time crunch. I got a belt and a few parts for the Derbi and a sweet plastic tool box so I dont have to dump my bag out all the time.
Here is the new seat.

I also got the express case fixed
Derbi Belt

Clutch springs in. or how I stabbed myself in the hand with pliers.

So I got these installed today. They are suppose to be 75% stiffer than stock. they are sure much harder to get on.  I managed to stab myself in the hand one real good time and a few lesser occasions. 
I painted my flywheel cover last night. It turned out pretty cool. 
Now I need to Jb weld the intake Jesse made me and put it on the back of the case. It looks like I might get to ride this thing on Friday.

30 May, 2010

I got the C-Word Motor together to day. It took a lot of filing and stabbing myself in the had with the file, but now it is together. I just need to make a plate to cover the old intake and bolt it all up, if I can get the clutch springs to cooperate that is. I am going to Teds Tool Shed tomorrow to pick up some better needle nose pliers and maybe a spring tool if they have it. So today Put a new seal, gaskets, and case matched every thing..
I wonder what is going on here?

Here is the Exhaust flange Jesse #23 made me. its a fair amount bigger than the one that came with my kit. I matched the cylinder to the new flange and I think it should rip.

Here it is almost ready to be bolted in the frame.

I seem to get a lot of free mopeds.. kind of

So i got this for free today. It used to run but got an air leak and seized. it doesn't have a cylinder so I am going to put the wizard kit on it.  The lights need to be rewired but other than that its not in too bad of shape.

This is the carb on the Derbi 28mm Mikuni I need to drop down a few jets from the 150 that is in it.

26 May, 2010

Oh yeah Maybe I should put something about me and my bikes right like some kind of intro.

So I am racing this crazy ciao with all kinds of goodies. I have a Simonini CDI Half a polini speed engine case, a simonini side intake case half,  This crazy Poliini Gilardoni kit and a simonini pipe. I have broken like 5 cranks with this kit so far but they were all stock so now I am rocking a top one race crank. I am going to put the purple clutch springs in my clutch and hope it doesnt blow up. If it does I can always race my Motomatic Derbi. That thing might keep up. I also ride a funny looking Tomos.

I am going to be racing as number 420 in the Pacific Northwest Cup we have 4 tracks up here I know I will get to go to three but I am not sure about the canada track it looks so rad too.

The Tomos is getting a new kit

So I have finaly decided to put a kit on my A55 this bike has way too many miles. Well over 25,000, I still have the stock cylinder and piston in the thing. I think its time to upgrade. I have had this  Metra 50 kit sitting around for a while so I am going to slap it on once my treats get here. I think it should rip.  Jesse did some port magic on  it so it will be interesting to see how my transmission holds up. Right now I have a crazy a55 a35 a 3 frankenstein tranny.Here is the kit and the bike.

Bye bye to part of my frame

I have been working like crazy to get the Simonini case half to line up and work for the race bike.
Here is where I cut my frame to make the thing fit the reed block.

Look at those ports. I opened the boost ports up a bit to match the case.

I still need to make a plate to seal up the old intake and  get my treats and then I can slap this thing together.

I also just got this wicked new helmet