31 July, 2013

Help these dudes out on an epic moped trip

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A few of the denver dudes are doing an awesome 1,800 mile ride you should help them make it by buying an awesome shirt!

29 July, 2013

Worcester rally ever a tale of getting wasted riding scooters and MARS

Now lets start where I left off. Adam Babel and I power napped before getting ready to party on july 4th at the firehouse in worcester!
The fire house is what it sounds like and the place was giant!
The Peace warriors were smart and made sure to buy a pool for the rally since it was about a billion degrees in Massachusetts. Many hours were spent and enjoyed by all in that pool.
 Rigsby was also on point when it came to having enough mixology on hand to party properly! I have to say pineapple loko is one of my facorite mixologies! ( I still love you Strawberrita dont worry)
 I cant stress enough how rad the lolner they gave Adam Babel and I it was more fun than any moped ever! I mean just look at that flip up headlight and how hidden it is!
Triped Dave showed up with a bunch of crazy bikes on thursday which happened to be july 4th (damn I am way behind on my blog!) He was riding this flandria and I love it/ need it in my life.
Here is Besnik trying to scam him out of his dibasi mini!
Did I mention the bounce house that they rented????? YES THAT IS INSIDE THE FIREHOUSE!
After a cool ride around the city the warriors took us to Brie and Rigsby's place for a firework display (done by his neighbor) as well as a bit more partying!
Ginger loko repping
Bad Adam (Babel for those with a terrible memory) sang songs while the fireworks went off!
This was the best backyard fireworks display I have ever seen! The dude was super organized and the show went on for about 20 mins at least! I wish I had the finally but alas I do not, i apologize for letting you all down :(
I was discreetly trying to take a picture of some terrible sports bikes in the background in this picture but it turned out to be just a good pic of Adam.
STRETCHED AND GROUD EFX all the ladies left the rally and banged these dudes all night. CAN YOU BLAME THEM???
Its truly amazing to see how many people live UB, This fine gentleman was wearing this UB shirt that he got from wal mart!
Someone let these drunken degenerates drink all night. Also notice how Besnik is daydreaming. He was thinking about fond memories involving a boiler room.
There was chalk left out so of course some hoodlums wrote all over the firehouse wall. Someone did a terrible rendition of the UB headlight sticker as well as a penis spraying semen on the name Nik MPG.
What do you know I did get another picture of sabat! Look at that smile! Its probably from touching Besnik's boob because thats what looks like what was going on to me.

The next day we went on a really awesome ride that ended at a brewery for a tour and samples! (I wonder where they got that idea from??). The ride was super fun and we went for quite some time. The whole time Adam and I were blasting everyone on the elite 150!

Of course we blew a lot of stuff up too!
I mean would it be a rally if I didnt do some irresponsible stuff?
 We decided that the best idea for lighting explosives was to use gasoline and a torch, all while being barefoot. This is all before the crazy dance party involving the elite lots of booties and some awesome times. Oh yeah soy sauce lots of that. Someone dumped a half gallon on Besnik for some reason ;)

Later that night Besnik did some custom work to Sabats derbi. Rear disc sprocket conversion bb!
Then in the morning this happened. You may almost be able to see an elite in there somewhere. It seems like everyone was super jealous of the sweet dubs bike that Adam and I had.
Damn degenerates even posed afterwards.
After the elite got cleaned up (by Adam) we went on a nice long saturday ride! It was rad we went pretty fast the whole way and the elite was blasting everyone!

On the saturday the ride went to a rad swimming spot that we jumped off rope swings drank heavily and played with toys. Of course none of that happened until after Adam and I got real lost becuase we blasted the ride leader at 60 and went at least 5 miles in the wrong direction and then found a bunch of toys on the road that we took! It was really rad being lost because it was just a few of us including mars and we kept just blasting down crazy rad New England roads. It was frustrating at first but well worth it in the end!
The swimming pool was so nice!
So much good times there! The grillt50 was busted out and many sandwiches were made and eaten! lots of swimming and yelling at teenagers to do dumb shit while we laughed at them!
Here is mars licking off some of the many marshmallows that got stuck all over his bike. some even got shoved into his baffle.
It was really awesome to meet Mars, I mean it was like I knew him from the internet but it was good to know he is just as funny in real life! Also please note what Rigsby is holding. BAGGED WINE
I took a lot of pictures of Mars so here is another one.
This is Suede one of the fire house cats and a fine example of an awesome friendly kitty.
UGP had this rad folder in the basement that seriously had every moped manual you could ever want! He works at a bike shop that at one point sold mopeds!
Even if its the manual to some dumb ass "french" top tank!
This is the point in the night after we had consumed all the wine and realized that we should set up the tech deck skatepark that we found.
We are obviously giant fucking nerds!
The box that we found seriously had like 50 decks in it!
Some of the guest were sleepy so we decided to move the party back to Brie and Rigsby's place.
Which of course meant more DUBS with Adam!
The streets were empty except for the car we were following since we didnt know the way.
Blurry as my vision was.
Adam inspecting boards.
This is pretty much how the rally ended. with us drinking heavily and playing with children's toys.

The next day I pretty much hung out in the basement after Kara took me to find shoes (mine got ruined during all my rally excitement). I didnt find any so she took me on a tour of Worcester. That city sucks it would have been terrrible to be there if it wasnt for the awesomeness that is The Peace Warriors. After the tour we just drank heavily at the firehouse in the basement. It was a fitting way to end the rally. I needed some time to relax. I have to say the rally was way more fun than this post probably leads it to be. The dance party was super fun, thats also like the only time that the metal ponies were around. The Roman candle fight was insane! I had a burn on my chest that took weeks to heal and it was probably the most fun 4 minutes ever! The rides were long and fun. The loaner was rad and having such rad people to hang out with was really fantastic. If you want to see more pics from it check out instagram for the hashtag  #mopedhandjobs.
Thanks again to Rigsby, Brie, Ugp, Kara and Sabat for hosting me and getting me to the airport in Boston so I could fly back to Chicago and continue on my adventure. I had a return plane ticket that left from chicago but that wasnt for a few more days so I was on my way to hang out with my good buddy Mike Beezy! He said I could stay at the castle so I was really excited to check it out since I didnt get a chance to see it at the Chicago rally! Stay tuned for the next installment which should be the last from my trip and then ill get you up to date on the rest.

oh yeah I have to include this
Welcome to Uphill Battle Dave! Its an honor to have you in the gang! You also picked the right day to wear that shirt!

22 July, 2013

Get in the van or a trip to the zoo, fireworks and NEW YORK.

So like I said in the last post I skipped out on the sunday ride because the korado I was riding had a little bit of an overheating problem. Well and I wanted to go to the zoo and see a red panda. I talked Kara, Sabat and Stinki ( oh man he rules so much) in to going with me. Animal pictures are coming with very little moped content but its my blog and your gonna read it any way, I mean hell if you have made it this far in the story you are emotionally invested right?
So the zoo I went to was the lincon park zoo and it is FREE! how rad is that???
 While it kind of bummed me out to see such rad cats behind bars it was kind of cool as well.

 The sea lions were rad and super playful I only wished I had a ball to toss them but sadly that's against the rules :(
 I thought this thing looked pretty rad if not a little fake.

 I am also terrible because I took all these pictures while disregarding the specie of animal. They had a lot of really awesome looking birds but they weren't as adorable as some of the others so I didn't hang in the bird area long.

 Kara said "He is so good at being a rhino" I agree.
  MEERKAT!!!! Kara had a meerkat shirt on but this guy didn't seem to notice.
 One of the animals I was really excited about seeing was the African wild dogs, sadly they only had one and I couldn't get a worthwhile picture so deal with this.
 the sand cat was way too rad! It was so tiny!!!
 Here is a Fennic fox those things are so rad, its really amazing how their ears evolved to help cool them. ok ok enough animals lets get to the rest. After going to the zoo we went to the Chicago diner which is  very well known vegetarian/vegan restaurant. I could not believe how good it was! A group of people had gone the night before and I missed out and was excited to go there for this. They served beer cocktails so I got a beermosa!
 After that we went and hung out at sebs house and relaxed. It was a nice time to wind down before hitting the road to New York. I was real excited to be able to catch a ride because I had never been and didn't really know anyone there.  What got me real excited was the fact that we were going to be stopping by the largest fireworks store in the world to pick up goodies for the peace warriors rally! So heres a bunch of pictures with that given context.

 This was one of my favorites! FREE THE SLAVES WITH FIREWORKS!!!!!!!!

 Unfortunately they only had two presidential models :(

 I feel like they should have said bad balls for this one.

  Inappropriate? Possibly.

 That doesn't sound safe...
 The scale of this place was insane! I They had everything!!!!

 There were 20 very large aisles of explosives! I wish I would have bought some but I was so broke from the trip that I was headed to Second Stroke to work just to make the trip finish and honestly its probably good I didn't because lets face it I am pretty irresponsible when it comes to fireworks.
One of my favorite things happened when I was in the middle of nowhere.
Back to the real story now NEW YORK 
Sabat has a rad van and I had plenty time inside in comfort to get acquainted with Stinki
Plenty of room. For the most part the ride there was uneventful, I tried to sleep and am a terrible driver so I didn't have to drive which was nice.
We got to Brooklyn at around 5 am, it was a long night yet we still managed to hang out a little before going to sleep in the basement. The next day I woke up and went to work. The first bike was a Tomos lx with a ton of issues. It needed a lot of work but was just in for an inspection to let the owner know how much he was going to have to sink into it.
 Second Stroke is a really awesome shop! it is very well organized the owners rock and they were kind enough to put me up and let me work a little!.

 They had so many parts in this shop it was awesome to see such a solid collection of parts to keep so much stuff on the road.

  Then there is this asshole! It was super awesome meeting him and he is as rad in person as I imagined. FUCK YOU BESNIK
 The second bike I worked on was a nightmare! It needed so much but the owner claimed it only "needs tuning" because it was "hard to start" Fuck that it had a ruined piston clutch problems shitty spark and was 12 jets too lean.
 The whole time I was there I was sweating constantly. New York is so humid! I couldn't believe it! It was really fun to get to work side by side with Stinki and shoot the shit!
 Here is "shitty" Adam on a bike that the BULLIES broke. xoxoxo Bullies I <3  you.
 Kara looking hella professional at the shop.
Adam "the best" Babel lives in Brooklyn now so the mission 23 guys brought his ped from Chicago for him and he came by to hang out after work! I was pretty excited because he is a pretty fun dude to hang out with. It was cool seeing him in Nashville but I felt like I didn't get enough.
 Caught in the act.... of being a babe! His mom said he needs a soul mate if  any of you ladies want his digits let me know I will pass em along ;)
 We hung out at the shop for a while and then went on a ride to go have dinner.  Riding in Brooklyn was crazy, there seems to be no traffic laws, which I liked! Get to the front cut lanes and GO!
 For the east coast kids this might not be a big deal but being able to drink a 40 of Ballantine made me so happy! I had a very special Ballantine Burton ale that was 65 years old a while back and since then I wanted to try their other offerings and this was my chance!.
At some point I was showing Besnik pictures on my phone and he said I take too many selfies so everyone took one with my phone.
 Group selfie/ full of babes shot!
 Besnik of course took multiple, no wonder the ladies cant get enough of him!

 Pete is one of the owners (unless I am mistaken) of Second Stroke and super rad!
 Collin! He was so rad to meet too he is in a band called Riot Fox go check them out! he offered to give Stinki, Adam and I a ride from New York to the Worcester rally! that meant I got to spend and extra few days there! Thanks man that made my trip really awesome!
  Hi Im from the internet!
The decision was made to take the party to the roof which was awesome because you could see the skyline and that made me smile!
 He sure smiles a lot!

 Plus that meant I got to take a semi but picture ;)
 Kara is one of my favorite moped babes and it was rad to be able to hang with her for a while.

 I honestly have no idea what is going in this picture but im posting it any way.
 This may be one of the only pics I have with Sabat in it! As you can see Stinki is regaling us with some wonderful and hilarious anecdote!
 After that night I went back to finish the red maxi and we figured out its problem... well one of them! Kara and Sabat took off to Worcester to prep for their rally so it was just Stinki hanging out and it was fun.
 The next day I finished up the maxi and had an awesome uva soda! Adam then took me on a dubs ride on a dinner date!
 It was a really good falafel and that is saying a lot! the cabbage was pickled just right and the hummus side was great!
After dinner we headed back to the shop to wait for our ride to Worcester!
  This is one of the only pictures I got of the front of the sho and it was as we were just getting back for the night. Collin was leaving at 3 am so we decided to stay up drinking!
 Adam brought some strawberrita over and a few coors but you know what they look like so here is a silly picture of him and a "moped dealer" model set! It is actually complete and pretty funny even if it is scooters and not mopeds.

 Bye bye second stroke it was nice!

 And with that we were off, we drove through the night and made it to Worcester where we woke up the fabulous Adam Rigsby!
 He greeted us with these amazing cans of Budweiser.
 Look how strong they are. They only contain 11.3 ozs of beer but come in 8 packs. They also weigh as much as a normal can because they use thicker aluminum. I mean look he is standing on empty cans!
 It was cool to see the new house that Adam's wonderful lady Brie bought. It was a little hectic for them because they moved in two days before we showed up but they were great sports. I mean look at him doesn't he just look fantastic?

 Stinki is the best and so funny if you haven't met him you need to. seriously just looking at him makes me happy and reminds me of the good times we had.
Rigsby only had 24 11.3 oz cans so we quickly had to go get more but not until Bad Adam (Babel) and I doubled over to the firehouse on this thing.
 This was our executive dubs loaner for the rally 4 stroke 150cc water cooled Honda Elite with a flip up headlight! IT WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME but more about that in the next post.
 Note that the sign says "real price" they were a pretty good deal.

 No seat in sababts geo meant more room for beer!
 As we were getting back to the fire house with beer this fine gentleman showed up. Hi UGP.
Besnik decided to ride his mb5 from Brooklyn to the rally so we decided to take bets on when he would arrive here are the given times we all chose on. He actually beat all the given times by 10 mins no joke! Good job Besnik! he bought beer with the winnings so everyone won! Thanks for being a bookie Kara!
 Then Adam got all tuckered out and took a nap, isn't that adorable?  That is all for now there is quite a bit more to come since the Worcester rally was a blast. I have a lot to say about it and a ton of good pics but alas it is getting late and I have already typed a lot for you to all dig through. I hope you enjoyed it and come check back round 4 real soon!