15 November, 2010

From the Battle Station and Ciao love...

So we built a bench here to get some real work done. I got my Malossi crank for the ciao and fixed the express again. heres some pics and more.
Glamor shots first.
Bench in Progress. Rob did a great job on it.
My section. Building the C-Word again.
New big kit.
I had to cut a fair amount of material away from my case halves to get the malossi con rod to clear.This is from before i cleaned it up with a hand file.
New Simonini pipe with a 27mm header and better angle. This pipe sits way  higher than it used to. It got pretty close to scraping on hard right turns last season. I did have to shim it out a bit so it wouldn't rub on the freewheel. This thing is about to go I need to wait until tomorrow to get some cables from P-Town scooters to finisher it up. This is why we need to start stocking cables etc here so  don't get delayed.

Express baffle. it lasted 5 days. Now its got a brake cleaner can. Much better metal. I should have taken a picture but you can imagine. I have used them before and posted it.
Rob didnt like this cylinder.
Hoffa brought his 103 over to show off and broke it on the way. He sad the Tunr pulleys only have two bearings in them but need three.
Folsom put some malossi gears in his ciao. He just keeps making it faster.
There will be much more to come soon. I need to keep this thing updated more but we have been real busy getting everything just right here. It is really awesome.

03 November, 2010

Just the tip....

Battle Station...

I have not  had internet at home for a while but we have it at the new shop so look forward to some good shit coming along.