26 August, 2012

Gary can be a dick sometimes.

I saw the elusive Gary the other day, he drugged me and I woke up with this.

06 August, 2012

The yetis be dangerous

They be trying to beat up drunk dudes and shit. I still love you guys though. Xoxoxo

04 August, 2012

03 August, 2012

Two dudes ten hours 50cc and 225 miles

Ok ok it made it. We're probably gonna ride back too. Well if we can't find a ride. Way too much fun way too many Rpms and four gallons of gas.
Here's some pics in no particular order. We had a lot of fun and no problems with the bike. Portland to Seattle on an mb5 is no problem. The bike hit 3,000 miles on the way up. We stopped at a gas station/gun store and a burger king with 120 soda flavors. Sadly we didn't purchase anything at either. We accidentally went on a freeway got lost a few times and I saw a raccoon #yolo

Made it to Seattle.

It took ten hours but the mb5 made it. Fantastic. I highly recommend riding a bike dubs for 225 miles.

More soon.