30 August, 2013

Moped videos are dumb, or how i make a video thats hard too see because its all night footage.

blah blah blah here is some footage that sabat made when he was here for the rally in February. I finally edited some of it together.
Enjoy that for now. I have a ton of footage from the rallies I have gone to this year so I will probably make some more.

09 August, 2013

Last from the trip or on to new things soon, chicago mike and the castle

Ok so when I left off I was leaving worcester for chicago again. I flew back and made my way to the castle.

I then pretty instantly left the castle on the sweet lolner I had to go back to the Chicago diner! Their food is sooooo freaking good!
 LOLNER 4 ME BB. The pepi was super fun to ride I really Like Rigid bikes and this one was a lot of fun even if it wasnt really that fast. I really dont care about fast bikes. If I can go 26mph I am happy and this thing was going an easy 32mph. Stock V1 with no fan and a puch pipe on it! Thanks for letting me use it Mike!
The castle is super awesome! This was the first time I had been there so it was all new to me! The garage is set up super rad. I guess Wes is the gayrage manager good job buddy ;)
As you may know Mike is a fucking amazing person and has a million vhs tapes and I pretty much hung out and watched a lot of them while I was there, In between naps of course! Return to oz was weird but I Liked it.
The day afer watching tons of movies and drinking Matts beers I went with the HNRZ guys to get coffee and proceeded to run out of gas.

"lets find some trash to fill it up with" I was pretty shocked that we found a container honestly. People dont really litter in Oregon so i was kind of skeptical that the plan was going to work but as you can see it did! I mean we did only get like half of it in the tank but YOLO! The best part of the coffee run was going to the cafe and having some moped girl say "oh youre with Joe Peg" LOLOLOL
I really really enjoy Mikes company, he took me to a sweet market where he bought some bootleg fruit out front then proceeded to mock this bicycle on the walk back! He said some funny stuff but i forgot it so just pretend ok?
 Chillin with all the dudes was rad. Wes helped one of the Peddy Cash guys put a bad ass mvt on his rigid swinger! That bike has a polini and is stupid fast for being full rigid!
Mike was working on this stupid ass vespa moped so I decided to help him make it super hella custom!

which meant we decided to put the HIGHWAY PEGS BACK ON THIS FUCKER!
It was an extremely complicated process to get that shit on there! I had never installed one but being a "vespa expert" I of course said I knew how it worked...
The thing is held on with two clips instead of a bolt, of course the Italians engineered it to be dumb.
45 mins later we were done! I mean thanks to the SICKEST tunes on the radio we took our time but it was worth it. I hear he gained at least 15 hp. Just look at all the swagger he has on it now!
Mike also put on a malossi vario and I told him to cut that stupid tab off so he could adjust the damn belt. He used proper safety gear the whole time.
Seriously this blog is 80% about Mike
I was back in town from monday to wednesday and tuesday nights are "Two Stroke Tuesdays". A lot of people showed up and SEB bbought me a few beers. It was cool to see The Bruces again. I really like those guys a lot. The Chicago scene is pretty cool. Its such a diverse crowd. I mean there was at least 30 people there on an average tuesday, or maybe it was because I was there? I Like trying all the different beers around the country and this was my first lone star. some things from texas are ok I suppose.

Futo and Nino rode back with us to the castle from the bar and Futo was on his bad ass new crazy rigid bike he got off max ( I think thats who built it?) He let me ride it around and it was terrifying yet super fun.
The builds those guys pull off are just spectacular! I was super tired the whole time I was there so I went to sleep pretty early every day and tuesday I went to bed watching waterworld!.
Futo came and swooped me up on wednesday so I could check out his garage and hang out a bit. It was so hard to visit everyone while I was there! I had so little time! His maxi lost spark so we dug into it a bit and found where the coil was hiding. Kind of a neat thing if you ask me. It turns out the bike had an e50 stator on it and flywheel so the spark was less consistent  than one would like. We gave up messing with it he jumped on a stock bike and we headed to a rad taco place for gorditas then to moped. BE READY TO SEE TOP TANKS

I actually want this C2 powered general! Moped is such a cool shop. I really wish I took more pictures while I was there but I was so distracted by everything. I have been to a lot of shops but moped had the most awesome display bikes I have seen. Plus Mike was there so I shot the shit with him a bit.
You may have seen this bike before. It is awesome. Metra 50 peoples pipe, mvt ignition. super fun. It takes a bit to get going but when it does oh man! I really want a rigid puch after riding it. I gotta say it was rad to ride so many  different bikes on this trip!
I was quickly running out of time so we went to get some refreshments and I had to try this! its pretty good IMO
I also tried this which was awesome! Thanks for the hospitality from the HNRZ, Peddy Cash, The Bruces and The Logan Lion'z! I got on the train and headed back to portland. It was a nice few weeks on the road but I was really looking forward to a shower and my own bed. I made it back safe and did a few moped things in between then and now but I will get to those soon. I finally got internet back at my house so in theory I should be posting more. I also just hit over 20k views! Thank you all for reading this silly blog. I am glad people enjoy it even if it is half assed some times.
I just ordered a few goodies for my mb5 so I can replace the clutch and I am gonna put a vm 20 on it for moar speed.
See you soon bbs