19 December, 2012

Britton bees and k10s

I got the k10s to fit. I ordered up some new axles and tubes so I can get the wheels on this and have jimbrah weld up the motor mounts that mopagen sent me. He hooked up a set for the cost of shipping because they need a lot of work. After that I've gotta figure out where the pegs are gonna go and get a tank figured out as well.

In order to get the k10s to fit in the britton frame I had to go get the top beating race from a bicycle because the bearing cup set treats sells doesn't quite fit. Luckily meticon bikes here in Portland hookedd me up with the part for free. I think I'm gonna go with clip ons for bars instead if modifying the forks clamps to take 7/8" bars.

The engine should be super legit and a lot of fun on this bike. Hopefully I get this done for the uphill battle rally in February!

Ill try and keep updating this blog a lot but I've been having other people help with the work a lot since I still can't use my arm at all yet. I won't be like that ASSHOLE SEB and never update my blog.

12 December, 2012

post op.....

So i had to get some surgery on my shoulder a bit more than a week ago. I had whats called a
 SLAP tear. which required a biceps tenodesis

Its gonna be a long recovery some where around 6 months. I wont be able to ride for six weeks. so wrenching is out of the question for a bit. Ill keep this updated with the other goings on though.