23 January, 2011

mowers cheap beer and wire caps

Note the custom pegs on this bike.

Zane showing off his work.

I had to move a puch 5 star that i was selling and didnt have a rack. It fit perfectly.

This is what its going to look like when it wheelies.

Nice and clean connection.

20 January, 2011

Blasty things and mopeds of times past

C- Word v 1.0

80 mm rear pulley for speed. At the time I was obsessed with making a super blasty single speed ciao

Oh the fun of a full rigid kitted bike. At least I had a fender back then.

I was so stoked on this taillight.

Oh the technology

I thought it was pretty fast for 55cc and single speed with that little simonini circuit.

V 1.5
I bought this Bravo once the pictures speak for them selves.  We drove across the border to get this "mint vespa bravo scooter"

Didnt look super bad at first. Good thing it was cheep 

Jetted properly of course
Those are about the same size as the weights I suppose
I never did figure out what the hell this was. Any I deas?

That looks cut to me....

Im pretty sure the previous owner wasn't having a hard time dropping the motor after this mod

 That bike had plenty other silliness about it but I must not have taken pictures.
Some goodies from UBs past times.

heres like one of the two pictures I have of the Cutters anniversary ride a few years ago.

This is the reason I love my Tri-Rad

Um yeah. that thing.......

16 January, 2011

The Slow Word or the first time this bikes been this slow.

While I am waiting for Angelo to get the Si parts to me I decided to put the stock engine on the C-Word. Its never been this slow before. I got it in a box and never put the stock stuff on it ever. It sure is slow off th line with the malossi race gears in the back, but once it kicks in it goes.
I got my music gear to fit nicely in the nice organized shop. I am allowed to use the common area after hours to play music. I am pretty stoked. I love playing some loud ass punk rock and im going to be able to turn it up all the way here for sure.

New flavor.... Too bad its too late for me to try it. No caffeine  means none for Joe
.Lookie lookie what Hoffman and I are going to try and make fast. 12hp stock suckas.
Its a little rough but it should clean up nice and be blasty.
We are going to remove the blades and hook up a real gas pedal and make the clutch a separate pedal from the brakes so we can shift while riding.
Hoffa checking it all out.
Doss brought a Piñata to The Precinct   the other night. He also filled it with Mexican pastries.