28 June, 2010

No more bruises on my legs.

Bmx Style. Black Star Bags made this for me. Aaron had a few other colors in the shop but I wanted teal, so he ordered this thing for me. 

I also Got the Motomatic to run today. It has a TJT and damn is it scary. I feel like I cant even ride it in town. Its too fast. I also need to find where I left my plate for it. I cant seem to find it. I shortened the swing arm to its original length and it made a huge difference in comfort.  I hate the shocks that are on it though. They are for a 500 cc bike and are pretty much rigid with me on them.  Maybe I can get it dialed in a bit more we shall see.

27 June, 2010

No oil

So I noticed this the a while back. My simonini case half has no bearing hole. No wonder that bearing breaeked.

26 June, 2010

Just a little bit

I haven't had enough time to work on my two race bikes and its killing me. I Got the express running and its awesome  I then broke the Bi turbo after a couple hundred miles. I got the  Woodruff keys for the Motomatic so that thing should actually start now maybe. I also need to buy an A 35 motor  a new Tomos crank is almost as expensive as a whole A 35 so yeah sell me one cheap.

20 June, 2010

25,000 + miles or how awesome Tomos mopeds are

So after many many thousands of miles my trusty Joemos failed me.  First the baffle broke off again. This is like the tenth time it has happened on this pipe. After the transmission problems I got the thing apart to see the damage. I decided while I have the whole thing apart I might as well get crazy with it and get it all rebuilt and matched up to the metra 50 kit. Heres some pictures of it all.

The thing finally quit on me.
Not much room left before the cone. I had to cut off a bit more to make my new baffle fit. I didnt take any pictures of it really But I will post some up once it is done the JB is curing as we speak.

This thing was covered in lots of grease
more greasieness
I have to drop the motor to take the head cylinder off because I am running an A55 on an A3 frame and the petcock is right where the intake wants to be. 
My clutches have lasted a long time this round.
I am running a mix mash of Tomos A3, A35 and A 55 transmission parts. It has been rock solid for me.I have had it together for a year and the clutches look fine.
the pedals on my bike went out a little over a year ago and I always knew why but figured I would show every one. why this gear is supposed to have teeth that let the pedals engage  mine has pretty much nothing.
My case has all kinds of metal shards in it. the main gear is missing half of one tooth but I dont see that being a problem.
This is why my clutch quit working.
Here is the old piston that has way too many miles on it and one ring too little.
New and old piston same size 

Head gaskets and how I want to steal my roommates clutch

SO today I was riding the Tomos to the store on my lunch break and it decided to slip out of gear and rev like crazy. I was going pretty fast and hadnt changed or refilled my transmission fluid in a while so I figured I messed something up in the tranny or sheared my crank. the bike would run but deliver no power to the wheel.  I had to push it home and take it apart to see that the nut that holds the two clutches on in an A55 was not even on at all. I also ruined my gasket in the process. It was like 3 years old though so fuck that gasket. RTV and a cresent should put the tomos back on the road. I got the clutch back on and A new "gasket" in and it should rock. Now I just need to make a Baffle like Dans. His is working good and mine keeps falling off.
I also Got some treats today. My ciao runs best with the head gasket from a water cooled kit  so I ordered one up from treats and damn they are way too expensive. There is a shop in town that will make me 10 for$25 or so. Now that I have a master I jsut need to bring it in and get more made.  The C-word hates head gaskets and hates not having one . The last time I had fresh rings and no head gasket the nuts that hold the head on kept stripping out causing me to have to take my head off on the side of the road and remove thread particles from the studs and replace nuts all the time. So now with the new rings and head gasket + bearings  I should be rocking and way ahead of RESPONSIBLE JOHN.  I just need to go to parkrose hardware and get some new circlips. I have used mine like 5 times on  this bike and I feel like that is pushing it a bit too much on an extinct kit.
new rings for the extinct kit.
Water cooled gasket set.
Now for air cooled
 what my bearings should look like. I think I might take extra bearings and seals with me next race. I have rebuilt The C-Word so many times that it only takes me about an hour to rebuild the whole bottom end and put it back in the frame.
Anthony's clutch is on the left mine is the right. I got him his clutch from Italy and mine is the American version. I need a Euro clutch or I need to make a scooter clutch fit. That 100 mm pulley is awesome.

17 June, 2010


I picked up this custom 103 today. Its going to be a sweet little stock rocker. My plans are a vouge cylinder sha carb and a pipe. Oh and a custom paint job/decals.

Broken bearings and custom baffles

The races went ok this last weekend. I was getting the Ciao tuned pretty good then it started to make loud ass bearing noise. It got worse and worse so I stopped riding it and was going to concentrate on getting the derbi on the track. The derbis timing kept slipping. It turns out it was missing a woodruff key. So I raced the ciao with it making all kinds of wonderful noise and it got slower and slower as the race day went on.  I wasn't pushing it very hard i didn't want to ruin my kit by having bearings fly every where. I just went fast enough to stay out of last place. Here are some pics from the engine after I took it apart.

This is after I pulled the races out there was a fair  amount of shards in the bottom end.

There wasnt really any carbon build up this time. I only ran premium after this build and I still saw some signs on the underside of the piston of pinging. I am going to run a head gasket next time  My compression was over 200 and I am aiming for around 180psi.
I think I can aslo get a bit more  variation. Its hard to tune a bike with bad bearings.
Dan came over the other day to make a baffle but brought no supplies so we built one out of junk in my yard.  I didnt get a finished picture but I will next time I see his bike It sounds good, super quiet compared to his old proma one that fell of and got lost.