07 November, 2013

Honda mb5 thoughs, progression and other talk about this pretend motorcycle

Ok so I did a stupid thing a while back and put a vm20 and tecno pipe on my mb5. What I will say is it was better stock. With the stock gearing it made 5th gear hard to pull and was really cramping my dubs riding ability. had I not spent the money on the parts I would not have them on my bike and would have been perfectly content with how it was. I got greedy and asked for more. What a silly thing to do.
Here is how it sits now, or leans I should say since I lost my kickstand to put the pipe on. My set up is vm20, boyseen reeds  with a 130 jet no air filter, tecno pipe, stiffer clutch springs aftermarket piston and stock cylinder. I am also running a BR7HS plug in it even though it calls for an 8. I also have a quarter pull throttle on it which is not ideal for this bike for sure. I changed the front sprocket from a 13 to a 12 and was happy with my 5th gear after that but really it doesnt go any faster than it did stock now.  I may mess with the rear sprocket a bit because Nate in town has several sprockets to try. I have put this bike through hell and it keeps running in spite of me owning it. I have well over 8k on the motor since I have owned it and it doesnt show signs of stopping anytime soon. It was also better stock...Really the moral of the story is DONT DO ANYTHING TO YOUR STOCK MB5 EXCEPT FOR REEDS.

05 November, 2013

Random stuff, two trips to seattle or a story of other things that will happen

OK so here is some of the stuff that has been going on that I managed to take pictures of.
 I spotted this bike in the wild.
 Rotary valve 100cc 2 stroke rippers.
Unfortunately I didnt get a chance to talk to the owner but the newest UB prospect is buying a different one tonight possibly. Itll be rad to see how they ride!

 I bought a stupid car because I am a dummy. It needs work but runs well and has some very large rust holes in it. I have some plans for it but they may have to wait until i finish my next stupid Ciao build (more on that soon).
 Arthur in town wanted me to go to seattle to pick up an mb5 so I went with him.While we were wandering around we saw this so we had to take a pic obviously.

 The Mb5 he picked up is pretty nice. Athena Kit, Homoet pipe, 8 pedal reed block, 21 phbg, 6 speed transmission and all led lights. It didnt run quite right so he didnt want to ride it back down so he rented a van to get it to the land of PDX. It was really awesome because Noped Steve was rad enough to pick us and the bike up from where Arthur bought it. His wife then made us dinner while we enjoyed some beers and good company before going out to see John John's the new pinball bar in town.
 This place is pretty rad I liked it a lot. If you are in town check it out!

 They had a great selection of games and a rad upstairs.
 They also sell MAD DOG by the bottle!
 Which was promptly consumed by yours truly.

 Thanks again Steve and Arthur for making the trip so fun!

 There is a local guy here named Spencer that has bees riding with us on Tuesdays that bought a hammer clutch but he doesn't know much so I helped him install it.
 They are really well made, easy to take apart and assemble and pretty rad looking too.
 I am sore people who care more about the technical details have posted more in depth stuff about them. I think they are rad and it seems to work well in his metra 65 magnum. He also bought a super clutch so I want to see what that does too.

 Mike from UB has been working on this thing for a while
 Its french dumb and going to be really fast!
 Now onto the stupid shit I am building part of my blog. What we have here is a Polini speed case with a Pinasco dual carb case half and malossi D.E.P.S. kit. It is obviously like the dumbest mashup of parts ever but it should be fun maybe?
 Obviously the case needs a lot of work to make everything match and fit. The 47mm pinasco case doesnt let the big D.E.P.S. kit fit in the case because the skirt doesnt clear. I am going to have this really rad old two stroke shop in beaverton do the boring for me. Then I can case match it all and see about getting it all together. I have a motomatic destroyer that I may modify to make fit. Stay tuned for more obviously next time.

Oh yeah I did this to my MB5 WHOOPS...
Luckily pistons are only $30 and i had it swapped out and back up in about 30 mins after treats got me the piston.
 Then Nikolas and I went to Seattle again because as always once is never enough. #babes
 I dont know what this crap is but he made me drink it and if anyone knows me I will drink pretty much whatever booze you hand me. I DONT WANNA BE RUDE RIGHT??
 WE went up for the Add a ball expansion and I dont think I played a single round of pinball. I know its weird. We did play the shit out of time crisis!
 This is also the best game in the house! RINGER. It is a horseshoe simulator and is way too entertaining. I got 11 points one round. that is much harder than it sounds.
 Bum wine and super clutches!
That morning we went for really good veggie food with Shawn, Bunny, Alex, Daniel and Isaac ( who was wonderful enough to host a very drunk Nik and I!)  The food was great the times were rad and I know I will be going back soon. Its closer that I think. <3 guys.="" p="" u="">

That is all for now. I have a lot of bikes and things to prepare for the Gaskettes UB rally in February so I should have more bike post soon. If not I plan on going to CBBG 4 and MONO in December so maybe I will see you there!


08 October, 2013

Fuck the swoops part two, or a good ol time down south with frands oh yeah I built a ciao too.

OK so I went to the swoops rally with Stacey from the gaskettes it was pretty fun. First let me show you guys my ciao that I just finished.
 No pedals no problems.
So this bike is a little funky. I had all the parts in my garage, or Ted gave me whatever else I needed. The pipe is from a tomos that I had. Its a homoet pipe which is cool because it hits pretty high and this bike is all about spinning crazy rpms. The cylinder is a stock kinetic one that was finger ported by Ted and I. It also has a stock vespa cdi on it with the ducati box. 12.5:1 gears in the back and a euro clutch with  3k springs in it.

 I also managed to get a super bravo front fairing for it which is amazing as well.
 The polini vario is awesome as they all are.

 Its decently fast, I mean it goes 28 or so but rockets up there. I am real happy with it.
And here is Dave looking like a clown on it.
 Before the rally the gaskettes pdx let me in the gang so of course I wore my jacket the whole rally! I really enjoy the thursday night rides they do, its nice to have such a rad gang in town with us!
I also look fantastic in it!

 For some reason Stacey went with me and still talks to me after the rally.  I dont get it.
We had to watch JT be a babe in a movie on the flight obviously. I dont remember much because I was pretty drunk honestly. I was told that I passed out instantly and drooled on Stacey. Sounds legit to me.
We got to Atlanta in just 5 short hours and got on the train to meet up with Andy so we could ride to the rally spot!
Obligatory moped selfies.

He was kind enough to let me ride his awesome SSXL with a kit on it. I was in town for maybe 30 mins before I was on a bike riding around!

The one and only Izzy the Grom Queen

 This is Jake he is awesome! We shared a chili dog friday night because we were both hammer smashed wasted!
it was really fantastic to meet the Casserollers!
Those dudes really know how to have fun!

 Nick is a fabulous dance btw too. Its crazy awesome how rad all of the swoops are!
Oh yeah and seeing will was pretty much the best like it always is!

 The bar they took us to let me live the Platinum lyfestyle!

 Fuck friday night I even took a bath!

 Sleepy time?

The rally spot they had was amazingly rad. So much concrete to fall down on drunkenly!

Custom gas tank carabella
I was pretty excited to get to see this bike in person. it is fantastically down!

  Some people are so disrespectful!
This mb5 was pretty fantastic looking. I mean it is america!
Oh yeah did i mention that the Buzzards were there too????

The saturday ride went to a park where i had to poop so i found this trash can to utilize.

Dudes in their boxers at a rally??? How strange!

This kid is 14 and he was harrassed by everyone there for being a child. Nobody let him get near any beer or gave him a single break it was amazing. He is actually a decent kid even if he did break his moped instantly! He said the best things like "do your pubes look like your beard, because i hope thats what mine will look like" to Nick. Then he said that none of the girls there were attractive because they are all in their twenties lulllllzzzz! Oh yeah mark is a rad dude too. Also I told that kid that I was Mike Beezy and for some reason he believed me.

 This was the best possible lolner!!! TS 50 liquid cooled 5 speed magic fun bike!
words do not explain how amazing this plate was!

 I always love seeing Charlie and how could you not? Oh yeah that moped is p cool too.

They also had an amazing surf band play the saturday night party. I dont remember their name but maybe someone will let me know what they are called.
The Swoops had TWO raffle bikes! one of them was this death trap!

The other was this super awesome SI Monte Carlo!!!

 And guess what buzzard won it???????
 The pics are blurry but so was my vision so deal with it.

 Charlie started the thing up and started jumping it, once with me on the back it was amazing!

Then he did Strawberrita burnouts LIKE A FUCKING BOSS!!

They were also rad enough to give Stacey and I an award for furthest traveled. I let her keep it because Mark gave me the best jacket ever and I figured She could rock a necklace better than I could.

The saturday party was just pure insane fun. So many people rode dubs on that SI with giant smiles the whole time!


 At one point the apocalypse bike was jumped into a dumpster. I have video of it but its terrible because I was wasted. Charlie also managed to run his friend Robs head over with it at one point. It then took out like three people that run too. We also had to use Charlies new SI to start the thing after the kickstart broke. For some reason people thought it wouldnt work but having experience with shitty bikes I knew it would.

So obviously the logical thing to do was throw it out of the dumpster and pee on it. After that things got even blurrier when we started shotgunning beers back to back and consuming more moonshine than reasonable people should.  I hugged everyone and had such a big smile on my face.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day of hanging out at the Swoops shop drinking beer with those guys.

This tomos was super awesome. It came from the Netherlands and I just really love that sticker!
After a small monsoon we went on a beer run where I managed to find these two fine flavored malt liquors! They were actually really good too. I need to see if I can find them on the west coast!

I also liberated Timo's bandana its mine now fucker!

 We then loaded in the van and went to the crazy trucker bar that the friday night fun was at to sing karaoke!

 I of course got super drunk by drinking multiple pitchers of pbr!

I also showed off my sweet dancing moves!

To me this looks like she is saying " why are you taking a picture of me?"

 At one point someone asked me to go get cigarettes so I came back to the table with these and told everyone to smoke up!

"vagina slimes" are what Jordan called them.

 Will is amazing at singing too if you have never seen him do it you should.

At one point I thought Someone ordered a "bourbon and gin" when it was really a bourbon and ginger. Which then of course led to consuming a bourbon and gin.

 Brian and I braved the stormy waters of being idiots and decided to drink em up.
  Dont do it seconds after this was taken I puked into my cup and it was so gross!

After last call we went to get beer and somehow got a free twelve pack of this stuff. Black label was p good in my opinion. One of the things I like about traveling so much is getting to try all these beers that I wouldnt otherwise get to!

After a real late night of drinking we passed out and then on monday we went to Freds warehouse to check it out. I liked this bike because it said "dong" on it.

I am sure that none of my pictures do this place justice. It is so freaking amazing and so full of awesome bikes!

This was one of my favorites. A stock two-tone maxi!

I really really want a vespa Grillo and got to finally see most of one in real life. They are such amazing looking bikes!

 More betas than you could ever need.

 This was on this amazing jawa thing that was single speed which was hilarious.
 This was some weird crazy tomos thing that looked super rad.

 There was also a Garelli Team or two there which blew my mind because I really Really want one.
 I would be so happy to have this bike in the condition it is even.

 This thing is a shifter garelli that sounds really cool even if it only goes 35mph

oh and a px the pedal set up is so funny!
All in all it was one of the best rallies this year! I had so much freaking fun. I gotta give the swoops mad props for putting up with me and having such rad people in their crew. Really guys WELL DONE!