20 June, 2013

Tomos for life

Started like this. I added a few stickers and got her running good. 

05 June, 2013

I hear people like my blog so I am making a blog post on my blog so people can read it.

The puddle cutters had a raffle to raise monies for their rally and I showed up and got to be twinsies with this other mb5! It was rad riding my ratty mb5 next to a super nice looking one!

Jesse decided to take this bee with him on his 30 mile ride on a stock av7 ( i think that is what is on a le moped, i don't know because french bikes are dumb as fuck)
Nikolas and I of course wandered away from the group to pee on buildings and consume mixology. I have to say that the mikes harder limeade is really really good. It kind of reminds me of zima. Man I wish they still made zima, can we sue the company that stopped making it?

 Bullies pdx do it right.

once I got home I decided it would be a good idea to set up a gravity bong, for old times sake you know. IT WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA. I now remember why I quit making them. I dont like falling on the ground and coughing for like ten minutes, but I do like getting high.
 Then on thursday I went to the portland GASKETTES ride! It was so much fun! those babes are a blaaaaaast to hang out with. I am so glad they are in town. We sang a ton of karaoke and I drank way too much. I only took pictures of booze though so just imagine Uphill Battle and the Gaskettes hanging out drinking fruity drinks while I sang songs that were picked out for me with out knowing what was next.  I do have pictures from the week before though which was more of the same so don't imagine too much because they are below. ( I am super hung over from the ub ride last night so excuse the disjointed style)

 That week for the Gaskettes ride Nate from UB brought some absinthe to my house. what a good idea that was!
 He also brought Cuddy who is an awesome dog! i love hanging out with this dude!
 Jimbo rocked some terrible song that I dont remember, you can tell how good he is doing right???

 Oh yeah Matt brought this over!!!!! Chocolate Cherry Mikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was pretty gross IMO but totally worth trying!
 I also went to the laws house where I spotted this statement embroidered into a seat. I couldnt agree more!
 I brought over a wide variety of fine malt beverages and one of the cans ended up going on the Law's new build!
 "Law built"
 Mixologize errr day bb
 Oh man I wish I remembered more of this event unfortunately I drank about 10 shots of gin before heading out and blacked out a little, here are the few pictures I managed to take.
 They had a sweet yard for minibike racing and this little bike caught on fire at this point. So many smiles were had!
I was way too drunk to be riding so I let Caleb ride my mb5 in the races here is a pic of him killing it as always!
 UB Customzzz via Crusty Eric. his bike has one of the best Sissy Bars ever!


 36 mph Spree!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG this thing is so much dang fun! I wish it was mine but unfortunnately its not, but is instead Dave the one prospect we will probably take this year in UB. ( we dont let anyone in)

 This dollar was in a trash can and I found it. It made me smile!
Riding durty.

Yeah so thats that for now, I in theory am going to be working on a bunch of stuff soon but have been at work a lot to make monies to go to rallies and see all your pretty faces!!!!