07 November, 2013

Honda mb5 thoughs, progression and other talk about this pretend motorcycle

Ok so I did a stupid thing a while back and put a vm20 and tecno pipe on my mb5. What I will say is it was better stock. With the stock gearing it made 5th gear hard to pull and was really cramping my dubs riding ability. had I not spent the money on the parts I would not have them on my bike and would have been perfectly content with how it was. I got greedy and asked for more. What a silly thing to do.
Here is how it sits now, or leans I should say since I lost my kickstand to put the pipe on. My set up is vm20, boyseen reeds  with a 130 jet no air filter, tecno pipe, stiffer clutch springs aftermarket piston and stock cylinder. I am also running a BR7HS plug in it even though it calls for an 8. I also have a quarter pull throttle on it which is not ideal for this bike for sure. I changed the front sprocket from a 13 to a 12 and was happy with my 5th gear after that but really it doesnt go any faster than it did stock now.  I may mess with the rear sprocket a bit because Nate in town has several sprockets to try. I have put this bike through hell and it keeps running in spite of me owning it. I have well over 8k on the motor since I have owned it and it doesnt show signs of stopping anytime soon. It was also better stock...Really the moral of the story is DONT DO ANYTHING TO YOUR STOCK MB5 EXCEPT FOR REEDS.

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