05 November, 2013

Random stuff, two trips to seattle or a story of other things that will happen

OK so here is some of the stuff that has been going on that I managed to take pictures of.
 I spotted this bike in the wild.
 Rotary valve 100cc 2 stroke rippers.
Unfortunately I didnt get a chance to talk to the owner but the newest UB prospect is buying a different one tonight possibly. Itll be rad to see how they ride!

 I bought a stupid car because I am a dummy. It needs work but runs well and has some very large rust holes in it. I have some plans for it but they may have to wait until i finish my next stupid Ciao build (more on that soon).
 Arthur in town wanted me to go to seattle to pick up an mb5 so I went with him.While we were wandering around we saw this so we had to take a pic obviously.

 The Mb5 he picked up is pretty nice. Athena Kit, Homoet pipe, 8 pedal reed block, 21 phbg, 6 speed transmission and all led lights. It didnt run quite right so he didnt want to ride it back down so he rented a van to get it to the land of PDX. It was really awesome because Noped Steve was rad enough to pick us and the bike up from where Arthur bought it. His wife then made us dinner while we enjoyed some beers and good company before going out to see John John's the new pinball bar in town.
 This place is pretty rad I liked it a lot. If you are in town check it out!

 They had a great selection of games and a rad upstairs.
 They also sell MAD DOG by the bottle!
 Which was promptly consumed by yours truly.

 Thanks again Steve and Arthur for making the trip so fun!

 There is a local guy here named Spencer that has bees riding with us on Tuesdays that bought a hammer clutch but he doesn't know much so I helped him install it.
 They are really well made, easy to take apart and assemble and pretty rad looking too.
 I am sore people who care more about the technical details have posted more in depth stuff about them. I think they are rad and it seems to work well in his metra 65 magnum. He also bought a super clutch so I want to see what that does too.

 Mike from UB has been working on this thing for a while
 Its french dumb and going to be really fast!
 Now onto the stupid shit I am building part of my blog. What we have here is a Polini speed case with a Pinasco dual carb case half and malossi D.E.P.S. kit. It is obviously like the dumbest mashup of parts ever but it should be fun maybe?
 Obviously the case needs a lot of work to make everything match and fit. The 47mm pinasco case doesnt let the big D.E.P.S. kit fit in the case because the skirt doesnt clear. I am going to have this really rad old two stroke shop in beaverton do the boring for me. Then I can case match it all and see about getting it all together. I have a motomatic destroyer that I may modify to make fit. Stay tuned for more obviously next time.

Oh yeah I did this to my MB5 WHOOPS...
Luckily pistons are only $30 and i had it swapped out and back up in about 30 mins after treats got me the piston.
 Then Nikolas and I went to Seattle again because as always once is never enough. #babes
 I dont know what this crap is but he made me drink it and if anyone knows me I will drink pretty much whatever booze you hand me. I DONT WANNA BE RUDE RIGHT??
 WE went up for the Add a ball expansion and I dont think I played a single round of pinball. I know its weird. We did play the shit out of time crisis!
 This is also the best game in the house! RINGER. It is a horseshoe simulator and is way too entertaining. I got 11 points one round. that is much harder than it sounds.
 Bum wine and super clutches!
That morning we went for really good veggie food with Shawn, Bunny, Alex, Daniel and Isaac ( who was wonderful enough to host a very drunk Nik and I!)  The food was great the times were rad and I know I will be going back soon. Its closer that I think. <3 guys.="" p="" u="">

That is all for now. I have a lot of bikes and things to prepare for the Gaskettes UB rally in February so I should have more bike post soon. If not I plan on going to CBBG 4 and MONO in December so maybe I will see you there!


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